Flooding Haiku

honeysuckle,white honey suckle,flowers by the river,

graduation and birthday parties to plan –
the creeks flood

 May 2015

I wrote this for #Haikuchallenge on Twitter. I have been trying to write 1 line haiku, but it is really hard to write one that looks right.


Shrouded Spring

birds shrouded in mist
they chirp knowing spring is
but a cloud away


Spring looks like it has already arrived in much of the USA. How does your area look?

swarming birds,flock of black birds,migration,morning,

Day 19 NaHaiWriMo 2017

cherry blossoms

trying to beat the squirrels

to the fruit this spring


Today’s prompt was “cherry blossom” and I was thinking about when my mom had a cherry tree. She always tried to get enough cherries for one pie. But it was hard because she had a lot of squirrels and they would eat the cherries as soon as they turned ripe. 

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scribbles in a notebook,poetry notebook,writing,blogging,haiku,writer,poet,

Symanntha Renn

Grass Haiku

american welcome,new grass,daffodils,front yard,

mist softens the earth
the earth lets grass spring up
recognizing the season



Recognize the season that you’re in, then embrace it.

In Their First Year

establishing hollyhocks,young hollyhock

in their first year

hollyhocks look novel

waiting for this spring


So many things look small or insignificant in their first year. Do you have any plants that take a year or more to mature?

Haiku in a rhizome.

day lily,day lilies,rhizome
nakedly laying on the ground
somehow the rhizomes survived
I am pretty happy with this haiku. I am moving closer and closer to being able to write my haiku in one line. When Japanese poets wrote a haiku they wrote them in one line that was flush left. How is your writing going?

Rain and Snow in a Haiku

rain and snow
soften the earth
gardens bloom once more


So, have you gotten to take any fun pictures with the crazy weather that is happening all around the world? I took this one two springs ago. We got snow on May 3rd. It was the latest that snow had fallen in the Ozarks in 69 years.

snow in flowerbed, snow on flowers, flower in the snow

A haiku and an announcement.

moon in mist, cloudy night, moon in the clouds, moon with cloud, luna

the ice is off the trees
sinking into the mud
worm moon

Apparently the full moon that appears in March is known as the “Worm Moon” because this is the month that the worms come back out. The ice melts into the ground and makes the ground soft enough for them to poke through. I have seen a ton of them this last month, how about you? My flowers are all poking up through the ground, are yours?

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Opossum Haiku

sunset, pink sky, evening on the farm, sun going down


spilled grain
muddy footprints
opossum in the barn


Springtime is here. What activity do you see that lets you know it is spring? Are you seeing different birds? What routines do you have to change now that the season has changed?

White Petal Haiku

tree with ice on it
white flakes
become white petals
winter flies into spring

It’s that time of year where we get really cool photographs. Roses and other flowers encased in ice and snow. New birds start arriving, and in the blink of an eye it’s spring.

Daffodil Haiku

daffodil, yellow petals, spring time flower

head bowed
the daffodil
reminds me to be humble


Have daffodils started blooming in your yard yet? What is blooming in your yard? I love the daffodils that are bicolored white and yellow. I wish I had some. I transplanted a few in the fall like you’re supposed to do but they haven’t bloomed. That was two years ago. I am going to dig up some of my mother’s daffodils this spring before they bloom and move them and hopefully I will get some blooming daffodils in my front yard. I just feel like a yard isn’t complete until it has daffodils in it.

The Cinquain Train keeps on rollin’

Forgive me for the cheesy title, I’m excited. I have been trying to break through this wall for months.

Garden Cinquain

Sun burned,
dirty, too sore to walk very far,
but plants are in the ground.
A day’s work done,

gardening, flowerbed, child in flowerbed, child gardeing playing in the flowers

This is not enough mulch mom.


It is not a remake, but a totally new one and it is what got the Cinquain Train rollin’. What do you guys think?