Day 21 NaHaiWriMo 2017

we wish on dying stars

and tell the children they will bring us luck

the rabbit shakes his head


Today’s prompt was “falling.” I didn’t want to use the word in my poem, so I wrote this. It is too long to be a proper haiku, but do remember what the name of this blog is…

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Symanntha Renn


A Quote about the Night

Blessed to us is the night, for it reveals the stars.  -Anonymous


Yeah, the picture is blurry, but it’s the only one I have of a star.



NaHaiWriMo Day 22 of 29

passions as hot as
the sun, stars cannot control
who I am

If you are unsure of the rules of haiku then please go to my What is Haiku? page. Also, stop by the Facebook page where most of us poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. It would also be nice of you to go to that page and click Like on people’s posts to encourage them in their writing.
Today’s prompt was “zodiac”. I was afraid at first that I wouldn’t be able to write a haiku because this tanka popped into my head. But instead of fighting myself, I wrote the tanka, then went at it again. This is the first thing I wrote this morning.

dividing pieces
of the sky into sections
unable to let
the wild things be wild
man must even control space

bouquet of carnations,carnation flower,pink and white carnation,still life,

I once danced beneath the night sky.

supermoon rising,big moon,full moon,

Drops of Starfire
My hair is the color
of fire and passion
because I once danced
beneath the night sky
and drops of starfire
fell on my head.
Nothing can put this fire out.
It is a blaze unlike any other
heating me through and through
making me burn bright.
I must learn to wield this light
I cannot disappoint
the stars.

This poem was inspired by a microprompt, #Madverse No. 316.

New Stars

new stars
freckles across my
son’s nose

Are there new stars in your life? Have you stopped to look?
Me and G


A quote about trying.

It is better, I think, to grab at the stars than to sit flustered because you know you cannot reach them. -R.A. Salvatore, Sojourn


I hope you have taken the time to try to write a poem this month. If not I hope you are at least reading other’s poetry and commenting on it since it is National Poetry Month (here in the USA).


A mountainous quote.

A mountain shames a molehill until they are both humbled by the stars.  –Anonymous

There is always going to be someone bigger and better than you. But that doesn’t mean that you are not important.

Her Bonnet is the Firmament

I post Emily Dickinson on Wednesdays and will be for a while. To understand why go here.

  # 737

The Moon was but a Chin of Gold

A Night or two ago –

And now she turns Her perfect Face

Upon the World below –


Her Forehead is of Amplest Blonde –

Her Cheek – a Beryl hewn –

Her Eye unto the Summer Dew

The likest I have known –


Her Lips of Amber never part –

But what must be the smile

Upon Her Friend she could confer

Were such Her Silver Will –


And what a privilege to be

But the remotest Star –

For Certainty She take Her Way

Beside Your Palace Door –


Her Bonnet is the Firmament –

The Universe – Her Shoe –

The Stars – the Trinkets at Her Belt –

Her Dimities – of Blue –

Wandering through Wednesday with Miss Dickinson

I am changing the way I do Wandering Wednesday a little bit.

I have a lot going on in my life right now, and I think it would be easier on me, if I change the way I do Wednesdays. For a little while I am going to post Emily Dickinson poems on Wednesday instead of my poetry. I am always unsure of which poem to share with you guys. Will you like it? Do I really want to make it public or try to get it published? So I decided to not worry about it by posting someone else’s work. I am also going to stop stressing about attaching the right picture.

I will post my longer poems again, but for now I will let Miss Dickinson entertain you. Her poems are not titled, but numbered. The book I am getting them from is titled The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson and is edited by Thomas H. Johnson.


  # 23

I had a guinea golden –

I lost it in the sand –

And tho’ the sum was simple

And pounds were in the land –

Still, had it such a value

Unto my frugal eye –

That when I could not find it –

I sat me down to sigh.


I had a crimson Robin –

Who sang full many a day

But when the woods were painted,

He, too, did fly away –

Time brought me other Robins –

Their ballads were the same –

Still, for my missing Troubadour

I kept the “house at hame.”


I had a star in heaven –

One “Pleiad” was its name –

And when I was not heeding,

It wandered from the same.

And tho’ the skies are crowded –

And all the night ashine –

I do not care about it –

Since none of them are mine.


My story has a moral –

I have a missing friend –

“Pleiad” its name, and Robin,

And guinea in the sand.

And when this mournful ditty

Accompanied with tear –

Shall meet the eye of traitor

In country far from here –

Grant that repentance solemn

May seize upon his mind –

And he no consolation

Beneath the sun may find.

staring at the stars

blue sky with stars

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staring at the stars

praying for answers

the stars are silent


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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.  

                                                     -Maya Angelou