Pickup Line Haiku

line of storm clouds
line for parent pickup
line of red cannas


Today was the last day of summer school. Yay! So no more parent pickup for a while. It’s funny that I wrote this last year because it stormed today and my cannas are blooming. My cannas flowers are just now budding out. I have to sprinkle them with Sevin Dust before the Japanese beetles eat them and ruin their beauty. Follow me on Instagram to see what my son said about the last day of summer school.

cannas flowers,cannas plants,red cannas,blooming flowers,




Autumn in August

storm coming up,storm clouds,storm over treeline,tree line,

leaves fall on the ground
brought by a small storm
Autumn in August

Sometimes we get glimpses of the next season today. What did you get a glimpse of this weekend?
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A Storm of Memories

leaf of hosta,rain,raindrop,

Storm of Memories

rain drops fall
down my cheeks
as a storm of memories
pounds my brain
this squall hit quickly

This little piece was inspired by a #heartsmeal prompt on Twitter.
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A quote about learning to sail.

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship.  –Lousia May Alcott

What will you do this weekend that will get you ready for the next storm?

The little bird that kept so many warm.

Here is a Dickinson poem you’ve probably heard.

Leave me a comment below telling me which poem, about hope, is your favorite. Mine is “Footprints”.


#  254

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all –


And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –

And sore must be the storm –

That could abash the little Bird

That kept so many warm –


I’ve heard it in the chilliest land –

And on the strangest Sea –

Yet, never, in Extremity,

It asked a crumb – of Me.

Storm Haiku

storm clouds rain clouds

a change in
the voice of the wind
rain is coming


I can sometimes tell if rain is coming by the smell in the air and the sound the wind makes. It is indescribable, like “makoto” the sincerity, or poetic truth, for which a haiku poet strives.

Have you ever noticed that sound?

~Wandering Wednesday~ Storm Coming In

rain on house


Storm Coming In

Like a deer
I can smell the rain
Before it gets here
I feel the electricity building
Looking up at the sky I see
The clouds have darkened
Sunny blue is giving way to
Brooding blue
Even the sky is tired of the heat
It voices its annoyance
Through claps of thunder
And cloud to ground lightning
The tension has gotten so thick
That even the sky
Can’t stand it anymore
There has been too much death
Too many ruined crops
Someone had to give us
Some relief
So the sky cried on us
For a moment

Written during the worst drought, since the Dust Bowl which was in the 1930’s.

Heat/temperature records are being broken all across the United States. How is the heat affecting you?