Summer Sunshine


his face when
we give him a new toy
summer sunshine



Day 20 NaHaiWriMo 2017

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Symanntha Renn

ripe strawberries
the tart taste of summer
tall girl child


Today’s prompt is “nature” but something unique to your region. I tried and tried to think of something but couldn’t think of anything that was worthy of a haiku. So I wrote about my family picking fresh produce in our own gardens and how many of us are redheads.

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Summertime Again

daisy weeds


Summertime again
seeing flowers bloom
son needs longer pants

Written in January of 2016.


Dead Leaf Haiku

wind blows dead leaf
which is crazy because
it’s summer

summertime,summer,tree,malard duck

It is summer in my part of the world. What do you do during summer? What do you see during summer in your part of the world?

Summer Sun Haiku

sun, setting sun, beautiful sky, water tower, sun setting

sticky skin

mosquitoes buzz

summer sun sets



How was your summer?

summertime laughter

plastic bat and ball

ball hidden in grass

little boys plain to see

summertime laughter



There are few things greater than watching my son play baseball with the neighborhood kids.

What outside things did you do with your kids this summer?