Weak Tea

coffee mug,spoon in mug,b&w photography,

weak tea
for a weak stomach
anxiety attack

Summer 2014




Pain is my Mistress

Pain is my Mistress

When I don’t make it to your party it’s because I’m with her
I lay with her for far too long refusing to move
Life passes me by and I miss it as I spend time focusing on her
I know I’m not supposed to talk about her
She’s supposed to be
Hidden amoung my contacts as Joe’s Pizza
She’s supposed to be quieted with a pill
Love, tea, and kisses are supposed to suppress her
Make her embarrassed to be in the neighborhood
But she is a haughty thing
and insists on leaving her lipstick
On my face, on my back, on my legs, my wrists
She insists on being in pictures with me
She insists on meeting my child
And flirting with my husband
Sometimes even stealing him away for the night
She is beautiful and she teaches me things
That no other lover could
She is wisdom and prophesy
She scratches her nails down my back
But I’m wearing a shirt so you can’t see
Can’t see the scars, the ache
But pain is my mistress
Can’t you smell her perfume in the air
Can’t you hear her cackling laughter
Rolling through your ears
The way electricity rolls through a bug zapper
Do you feel the brush of her skirt
Or the slap from her hand across your mouth
As you try to eat, try to stand, try to walk
She is a hard mistress and not one to be ignored
©Symmantha Renn
I think that pain has secret meetings with a lot of the people that you know.


Strong Winter Tea

winter is here,snow on the deck,snowfall,
brewed with lemons
no sugar nor milk
strong winter tea

To see how winter factors into my haiku as a kigo go here. Kigo means a body of recognized season words developed in Japan that became a standard part of the haiku form. Although the term “kigo” was coined as late as 1908, representation of and reference to the seasons has long been important in Japanese culture and poetry. To see what other haiku words mean go to my What is Haiku? page and scroll to the bottom.

Tea Haiku

darkness in my cup
I let it steep for too long
English breakfast tea


I shared a poem the first week that I made this blog about being from the Ozarks and what that meant to me. I have decided that this poem is in its final form. I have re-written it 3 times and have had it rejected around 5 times. I am surprised that it was rejected by local people, but that is the way my life seems to go. I am sharing this because today’s prompt for National Blog Posting Month is Take a post or scene you’ve written and find a new way in by rewriting with another angle. I am tired of trying to find another angle with An Ozark Girl and several of my other poems.

mini art from Nelson-Atkins Art Museum

Tea in my blue cup.

The Mall at Washington DC, The Capitol, steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pool, on the mall


sorting receipts
tea in my blue cup
recovery from travel


How do you recover from travel, or a long day?

Teacup Haiku

coffee cup, mug christmas mug


sits on the table –

too weak to move it


The flu was really bad in my area of the states last year. I am hoping it will not be so bad this year.

This is my favorite teacup. Yes I know it is a Christmas coffee mug, but it’s my teacup. I drink tea out of it whenever I am feeling bad.

What Christmas things do you use year round?