I Keep My Footing

melting snow

fluffy flakes fall
the softness becoming ice
I keep my footing


I wrote this haiku after pondering a prompt from #Ravensveil on Twitter. It has been a hard year for the last 3 years. But I’m still here. I am still writing and I’m still active in my community in a number of ways. I refuse to be a hermit, and I refuse to treat people badly and blow up my community because my life is not going the way I planned. I wish other people could understand that making everyone miserable is not what you do when you don’t get your way, but unfortunately, some people never mature. 

I do wish I had the time to make more haiga. Haiga is so beautiful and I really need to be posting some to Instagram, but there are only 24 hours in the day and I need to sleep for at least 7 of those or I get grumpy. I also have to cook for my loved ones and wash their clothes, amoung other chores so making haiga will have to wait.

What creative thing do you wish you had more time for?


Day 20 NaHaiWriMo 2018

writing while he drives
sailing across the plains
in an iron wagon
Yesterday’s prompt was “a gentle rocking motion”. I took my mom to her 2nd Chemo, which means she is halfway done! I am not sure, but this may be a senryu since there isn’t really a nature element. Is sailing nature?

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Tanka Freeze


the ground freezes

but my baby never has

he grows to a boy

nothing can hold him still

propelled by winds of change



Sometimes it is crazy how fast they grow. Here is a tanka that I forgot I wrote. I go through my poetry at the beginning of the year and get it all organized and put into Word Documents and on my Evernote account so that I don’t lose any of it. Do you do that as a writer or poet?

easter celebration,at the park,annual easter egg hunt,

Watching the Clock

Here is one of my longer poems. I will mostly share haiku this month.

over sized clock,clock made of flowers,big clock,

  Watching the Clock

How many hours do we spend watching
the steel hands sweep the face of time?
Praying for them to speed up
then days later wishing they’d slow down.
At some point in time you realize:
Watching the clock makes time go slower.
So you try to stop counting the minutes.
Then you wonder, When did I get crows feet?
When did I start calling the kids
begging them to come over?
Wasn’t it just yesterday
that I was pushing them out the door to play?
When laying in a hospital bed
you would almost swear that the nurses
turn back the clock when you’re not looking.
And the sluggish pace of the hands
are more painful than the IV in your arm.
But if you’re enjoying an Italian dinner
the minutes fly by like wine from a tipped glass.
Sitting in a rocking chair with a baby,
who has been crying for hours,
makes the minutes creep.
You encourage the big hand to touch the 6
so that your husband will be home to help.
When friends are over for a bar-b-que
the hands laugh their way past time to go.
The clock is a bi-polar warden,
and we are at his mercy.


What will you do on Sunday?

fully bloomed daffodil,yellow flowers,flower in sunlight,morning daffodil,

Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
-Susan Ertz

What did you do last Sunday? What did you do this week when it rained? What will you do this Sunday. What will you accomplish next week? Why should God give you more time?

Time Rectifies

large bell,old fashion bell,

Time Rectifies

Time rectifies
He is my friend
His brother Death
Is a cruel soldier
But Time came through
And made me Victor

This micro poem was written on 6-22-2015 and inspired by #Ntitle 475.
It took a full 7 days, but my jaw finally felt better yesterday. I feel like I can eat normally, but I know I have to stay away from sticky foods until I get my permanent teeth put in.

Without An Oar


Down Time’s quaint stream

Without an oar

We are enforced to sail

Our Port a secret

Our Perchance a Gale

What Skipper would

Incur the Risk

What Buccaneer would ride

Without a surety from the Wind

Or schedule of the Tide –


Have you ever had extended writer’s block? What did you do to break out of it, and do you have tips for other bloggers? is the prompt from BlogHer today.

Yes I have had writer’s block. I think everyone who tries to write words that move people gets writer’s block. I fight back by writing poetry. You can read one I wrote here. The thing that helps me when I am blocked is doing something cathartic like watching a sappy movie, or listening to music. I love music, especially songs that have great lyrics. I will listen through my playlists on Youtube or pop in an old CD when I am trying to break through writer’s block. I also follow a lot of accounts on Twitter that tweet prompts. If I can get myself to write out a 3 or 5 line poem then I can get going again. If that poem gets favorited or retweeted then I tell myself I am back to being a writer and everything is okay. So thank you to all of you who favorite and retweet my stuff, it means a lot to me.



white roses, white rose bud, rose buds, rose's bud

A post to mark the passage of time.

G headshot

Sorting his clothes

Putting what no longer fits

Into a giveaway pile

Time slipping through my hands



Do you donate clothes and toys? How many do you keep for keepsakes?

Boat Haiku

catching fish, little boy fishing

bass boat seats
dry rot has ruined them
time steals all things

Make sure to spend time with family, close and distant this summer, you don’t know if you will be able to next summer.

Ceremonial Quote

When humans participate in ceremony, they enter a sacred space. Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance. Time takes on a different dimension. Emotions flow more freely. The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life, and this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them. All is made new; everything becomes sacred.    -Sun Bear

Will you be participating in any ceremonies this weekend?

First Hard Frost

first hard frost is here
the grass, a silver forest
hope the birds have flown


Fall has come again. Time outside is limited, and time itself seems limited as the days grow shorter.

What are you struggling to get done during the day?