Not All That Glitters

icicles,iced over wood,

  Not All That Glitters

the ground sparkles

as if fairies visited

in the night

that glitter is not gold, but ice

you will take a fall

if you do not look closely


I wrote this on January 15, 2017, for prompt 169 from #poemtheme on Twitter. This will be my last post for National Poetry Month as I am not feeling well. It’s been a tough week but I have prevailed and life goes on.

Free Verse for National Poetry Month

fescue,mist,morning sun,sunrise,fog,sunup,


chains rattled

at her feet

the captive

stepped forward

a dungeon

is no place

for warriors


I wrote this for a prompt from #FieryVerse on January 6, 2017. If you are on Twitter, follow me to see these the same day that I write them. Don’t forget, while it’s easier to like and share on Twitter, you can like and share my blog posts as well.

Day 10 NaHaiWriMo 2017

wiped out

end of the work week

dried up flowers

Today’s prompt was “wiped”.

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scribbles in a notebook,poetry notebook,writing,blogging,haiku,

Symanntha Renn

2016 Year in Review

poet symanntha renn failing at haiku image

So this year, WordPress decided to not help us make a blog post that reviewed our year. See my Twitter feed for details. Well, that’s about par for the course. 2016 has been a difficult and odd year. So I decided to whip one up myself. Do you look forward to reading “in review” posts from bloggers? I would love to hear your answer in the comments.

Also, I promise to try to be more hopeful and upbeat in 2017. This next year will be good if we all try really hard to make it be good together.

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I did not get as many views as last year, but I did take 30 days off in June, in which I did not post or promote my blog. But the difference wasn’t that much, 870 fewer views this year than 2015. If I can get 900 more views in 2017 I’ll be a happy writer.

FF | Tickets to Anguish

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who write 100-word stories after being inspired by a photo prompt posted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. It is not a closed group; you can join in! We are allowed to use the photo (taken by another writer) in our post and encouraged to leave each other comments. I write my story before I read any of the other writers’ creations. This week’s story is 99-words long.

Also, I have been using the hashtag #FridayFictioneers when I tweet a link to one of my Friday Fictioneer stories on Twitter. There are others using that hashtag too. If you have Twitter you should do the same on Fridays, maybe we could get the hashtag trending.

rain,glowing display,lights,sidewalk in the rain,rain in the city,

PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma


  Tickets to Anguish

Joey stood outside, rain pouring down his back. What a fool he had been. He had trusted her to stay faithful once they were married.

“Ya gotta put a ring on it!” she had teased. “In today’s world, you can’t expect me to ignore other guys until you prove that you only want me.”

So Joey worked double shifts and saved to buy a ring. After a quick wedding he put her name on everything he owned.

Six months later she bought movie tickets and forgot to tell him. When he arrived she was walking inside with another man.

The Songs of Summer Chide Me

summer flowers,summertime,

Back Pain

the songs of summer
float through the crack in the door
they chide me for
laying on the couch they don’t
understand how much I hurt



This poem was inspired on Twitter by a #MSPoetry micropoetry prompt.

What would you like to see next? Leave me a comment.

All of the things dragging me to the floor.

snow,snowfall,mouse statue,hidden in the snow,

The One Thing I Said
everything I didn’t say
began to choke me
I know that I yelled
I know it was uncalled for
and it confused you
just be thankful
I only yelled about one thing
and not all of the things
dragging me to the floor
so many things are trying to
silence me forever
I had to let them know
I still have a voice

My long time readers probably noticed that I didn’t post a quote on Friday like I usually do. Well, Friday was a really bad day on all fronts. I am not superstitious, but that was the worst Friday the 13th I have ever had and the worst day I have had in a LONG time. Yesterday probably was probably bad too. Luckily I have about 6 weeks of Haiku set to post on Mondays. I will try to get some of my micropoetry scheduled to post as well. Sickness still has a hold on my son and he had a fever all weekend. He has a virus so all I can do is fight the fever and play with him. I almost had a panic attack in Walmart on Friday night when I went to pick up his meds. My physical health is not 100% and work is getting really stressful.
If things were going smoother on Monday, and going as planned, I had a double root canal followed by getting double crowns that afternoon. Check my Twitter, I will try to post updates to it this week.

Flowing Like Lava

water tower in the midwest,midwestern sky,evening in the midwest,
Darkness Wants Me

The darkness wants me
It whispers like a fire
Crackling and cackling
Flowing like lava
But it is darkness
And a single flame
Pushes it back

This was inspired by an #ntitle writing prompt on Twitter.

Hither or Yon

woods,trees,green forest,
Somewhere Else
Not Here
……Not There
…Nor Over There
.Not Hither
…..Or Yon
..Just Somewhere Else

I wrote this for a Shape Poetry prompt on Twitter. Originally it did not have the periods in it, but I could not get it to format correctly without them so I had to use them in this post.

Her Head Exploded

robin blue,robin eggs in nest,blue eggs in a nest,

Her Head Exploded

very quietly
her head exploded
it erupted like a chick
cracking open its egg
her sanity poured out
in spectacular form

So last week on Thursday I shared a poem that was the first small stone poem I wrote in 2015. This week I will continue to share my small stones poetry with you. I am sharing them in chronological order.
This was also written for a prompt by Written River. Some great poetry gets posted to that hashtag on Twitter. If you haven’t searched for that tag on Twitter, I highly recommend you try it.

A Storm of Memories

leaf of hosta,rain,raindrop,

Storm of Memories

rain drops fall
down my cheeks
as a storm of memories
pounds my brain
this squall hit quickly

This little piece was inspired by a #heartsmeal prompt on Twitter.
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Scars and Freckles

selfie,self portrait,freckles
Scars and Freckles 

the scars on my chest
are as dense as the
freckles on my nose
arrows of sharp words
found their mark
but the scar tissue
keeps them from
reaching my heart now
Written after seeing a #Heartsmeal prompt on Twitter.