Day 22 NaHaiWriMo 2018

the first time my son
didn’t want to go hiking
frost on new growth


Today’s prompt was “first frost” and I wanted to write about something getting nipped in the bud, as frost often kills things.

Posting every day is just not for me. So while I am able to write and post my haiku poems to the Facebook page, I will probably post every 2 days or so.

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6 Years of Blogging

FaH banner2

red squirrel

taking a walk on the trail

my son chases him



Today is my blogging anniversary. I’ve been chasing this lifestyle for 6 years now. I have enjoyed it and I plan to continue. Life has not gone where I wanted it to, and I’ve been hit with quite a few sad surprises that have affected my writing this last year. Depression wants to creep in and take over, but I am finding ways to combat that. Surprisingly this time around, writing has not been my main outlet. Prayer and meditation have been. Prayer has always been a part of my life, but rarely the main part. For the last year, daily prayer (as in Quiet Time that lasts for an hour or more) and reading Christian self-help inspirational books, and caring for my son (of course!) has been my main focus. But I am writing here and there.
The haiku above is one of my newest. I hope to start writing more regularly soon. I plan to blog more than once a week from here on out. Thanks for reading, and leaving me such great comments! I hope you all are writing regularly and are brave enough to share it.


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Walking on Wandering Wednesday

pea ridge arkansas, path, foot path

Walking the Path

I am seeking Your glory Lord

I am seeking to find

Your way, Your will, Your path for me

I seek Your face and Your holiness

I seek the better way

For thus far my path has been fraught

With thistles thorns, puddles and plagues

I have slipped into deep dark holes

Only to find my way back out by Your light

Your shining light, ever breaking through the darkness

As I sat wet, cold and shivering

Your fire came into my soul

And lit me up

I was warm, comforted and unafraid

I found a rock, a solid place on which to stand

The demons of the night bother me no more

You have closed my ears to their cries

I am filled with Your love for me

And I will trample the scorpions

Onward I go until I meet my journey’s end



I’m seeking the path that the Lord would have me follow. I think I’ve found it for now. How are you doing?

A quote to get you through the weekend.

He who limps is still walking.  –Stanislaw Lec


I hope you do more than limp through your weekend, I hope you skip through it!

Stanisław Jerzy Lec was a poet and aphorist of Polish and Jewish noble origin. Often mentioned among the greatest writers of post-WW2 Poland.

Learning The Path~Wandering Wednesday

rock trail

Learning the Path

As I walk down this path, I think I know it.

I have been traveling this way for a while now,

and believe that the next hill will be like the last.

I begin my descent down only to be surprised

by the big rocks I stumble over.

They weren’t supposed to be there…..

I twist my ankle when I step in a hole,

that really hurt!

As I try to walk it off,

I find myself walking through a mud puddle.

Oh great, now everyone can see that I am stupid;

I walked through mud.

I finally get the mud off and my ankle stops hurting.

I look up to see I have a mountain in my path.

I thought the hard part of my journey was over…

Where did this come from?

This was not the path I set out to take,

where is my smooth walking trail?


Do you sometimes stumble along a trail you thought was smooth?


he watches

the big boys walk past

they too are small


Dad and Son Walking

I remember watching the big kids walk across the playground when I was in grade school, and being mesmerized. I didn’t realize just how young a high schooler was.
I remember wondering if I would get that big.
It’s an interesting experience to watch my son, and know he is thinking those same thoughts.