Day 23 NaHaiWriMo 2017

biting blindly
people act like animals
but pretend they’re better

Yesterday’s prompt was “human nature.” How do you think I did?

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Symanntha Renn


A quote from Basho that you need to read.

Even if you have three or four extra syllables, or even five or seven, you needn’t worry as long as it sounds right.



Yep, he said that.
fully bloomed daffodil,yellow flowers,flower in sunlight,morning daffodil,

A Dragon’s Kiss

lit chandelier,mosiacs

I would rather have
A dragon’s kiss
After much wooing
Than the forceful
Kiss of a knight.
The dragon knows
He does not own you.
This was written for a #ntitle prompt. There for a while I was churning out small stones poetry. I have more to share, do you want to see more poems like this? Do you think that I can put this in my Love Poems category?

The last day of #NaPoWriMo 2015

seeds sprouting,sprouts,seedling,flowers in a pot,seeds in a container,seedlings in a container,

Well, I learned this month that I don’t do well with basic vague prompts. I need specific prompts that push you into a corner and ask you to work your way out. I have written for all of the basic prompts such as “eyes” “midnight” “smile” “kindness” “love that is sad/wrong/sweet/etc and several numbers. Now I need more creative ideas to get me going. I hope the people on Twitter and the people who run blogs get more creative and specific with their prompts. I have really enjoyed reading through the poetry on the Poetic Asides blog and I hope you have made your way over there at least once this month to read some of what the contemporary/modern poets are writing. Here is my final poem for National Poetry Writing Month. I will post a haiku for you on Monday so be sure to keep coming back. There will also be a new quote tomorrow.


  Bury the Seeds
bury some sunflower
seeds under the window
on the days when you
need to see the sun there will
be yellow at the window

A quote on sitting down to write.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed. –Ernest Hemingway


Have you been spilling ink, or blood, this month? When was the last time that you sat down to write? I know this is a quote that a lot of you have probably read before, but I love it so much that I wanted to share it on my blog. I thought that National Poetry Writing Month was a good time to share it.

My Poetry Stats

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I have written 769 poems as of yesterday. I have had 4 of them published. I thought as a fun little exercise I would list my stats here. I am also doing this because as I have said before, this blog also serves as a sort of time capsule for me. I meant to post this around 3 weeks ago right after I had titled and counted all of the poems after getting through the National Haiku Writing Month which is February. Today starts National Poetry Month and I am once again going to take on the challenge to write a poem a day for a whole month. After 3 years of NaHaiWriMo and three years of NaPoWriMo I feel brave enough to share my poems with you daily. So I am going to take a big leap and share my poems every night after I have written them. This may mean that I post them at 11:00pm at night, but I am going to try to do it. I had several people who had asked if I was going to share my haiku during NaHaiWriMo but I said no. So I will try it with this challenge this month and see how I do. So encouragement (Likes/Shares/Comments) would mean a lot this month!

I have written:

362 Japanese poems,
331 are haiku or senryu,
31 are tanka.

5 of my poems are cinquains.

I have written 257 poems in the last 12 months.


I will post an update of these stats in June and give more detailed stats if you would like to see them. If you want to see my blog stats go here. As of today I have published 684 posts on Failing at Haiku. You can look through the archive by scrolling to the bottom of this post and select a month to look at under the word Archives. There are 4 pages to this blog, which are the About Me and This Blog page, Poetry Definitions, What is Haiku? and My Personal Testimony (which is under the About Me page).

If you would like to see how many of my poems are titled vs. not, or how many of my poem’s titles contain the word “Morning” or how many are more than 12 lines long, let me know in the comments and I will give you those stats in June.