Happy Holidays from Failing at Haiku!

failing at haiku banner

green fake tree inside
fake snow, fake lights, but real love
Christmas at our house


I hope you are enjoying the holidays. I do think it is fine to say “Happy Holidays” to people for two reasons:

1. You don’t know what holidays strangers celebrate.

   The person that you’re speaking to, may be Jewish, or agnostic, and may celebrate holidays that are near Christmas, or not celebrate at all. Why offend someone, or push them further away from a great holiday and a great God? Be thoughtful. If you are trying to represent your religion, and you come off looking like a jerk, you’ve made everyone that practices your religion look like a jerk.

2. We’re still in between holidays.

   The Holiday Season is not just about Christmas. There is a holiday every month, but January, from October to February which equals over 5 holidays. In case I might not see someone for the next three months, and I like to wish them “Happy Holidays” as in I hope that all of their holidays, from Halloween to Valentine’s Day, are happy. This does not take away from Christmas. It makes me a nice person.


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