Haiku in 2020

he smokes in his car
I eat a breakfast burrito
store parking lot


brick building

This was the first haiku I wrote in 2020. Of course, we were not taking corona virus procautions at that time in the USA. It was early in the morning and I was people watching as I ate my breakfast. I was trying to get a jump on the day. It’s always interesting to me to see what kinds of people are out at certian times.

I wonder if poetry writing and writing in general will increase. I wonder if we will get a slew of new books in the coming year. I know that some people are painting and drawing. I want to paint, I just feel off in my head because of the anxiety and so it’s been hard to be creative. I have written some new short poems and will be sharing them with you.

How are you doing? Are you doodling just to pass the time, or are you working on a serious project?

Boiling Haiku

evening dinner
noodles boil over
too much heat

Hey all. I know times are weird and tough right now for many. But just try to be the best person that you can be. Don’t panic and be selfish. Spend time in prayer and meditation. Exercise and eat healthy. I will see you on the other side.

Believe the Lie

Believe the Lie

Draw the lines, tie them fast

Fasten them to the mast

Ready up and strike a course

I feel it coming; the remorse

The guilt comes like a heavy rain

The storm my mind will stain

Make a lie, tell it quick

Or the truth might stick

Here is an old poem of mine. I wrote it over a decade ago.

stream of water, little stream, water

Tanka Tuesday | Strength

walking with the creek
pacing myself to the gentle
sound of his voice
trying to learn strength from him
trying to keep myself rolling

I have been exercising consistently. I can feel my muscles getting stronger. I can lift more than I used to be able to. I am probably the strongest that I have been since my son was a toddler. I have never been a runner though, or much of a walker. I am hoping to build up my endurance this summer.

Haiku on the wrong side of the road.

baby squirrel
I drive on the wrong side of the road
paths to kindness

This is not a made up or exaggerated haiku. I was coming home from the store and a little baby squirrel was running up the side street next to my home, and he moved to the wrong edge of the road. It was a quiet day, so I just drove around him.

Tanka Tuesday | Gravel Road

  Last Turn
the gravel road
sometimes there are deep ruts
sometimes it's graded
but no matter how it looks
this turn is still the road home

I hope you enjoyed my haiku poetry. Here is a tanka that I wrote at the beginning of the year.

Finishing NaHaiWriMo 2020

under His care
the safety of an umbrella
on a stormy day

hoping for snow but
getting a yard full of ice
winter blues

watching the geese fly
marking the season in my head
cancer still present
a moon not quite full
my heart overflowing with love
where it's supposed to be

I finished writing/editing my haiku poems for National Haiku Writing Month over the weekend, I just didn’t feel like posting them. I haven’t been sleeping well so today’s post is a little late. But, better late than never! What did you think of this year’s poems? Remember, I write for the prompts posted to the Facebook page. I asked some questions in my last post and I would love a response from my readers!

National Haiku Writing Month of 2020

we survived the goats
walking the trail
through our favorite park
husband and wife muskrat
little known mountains
our car points straight uphill
the goat herd ascends

We are getting to the end of National Haiku Writing Month for 2020. I think I may have enjoyed this year more. I didn’t read the poems by other poets on Facebook this year and I think that’s good because I didn’t compare my poems to anyone else’s, I just wrote. I also didn’t try to post every week day and wear myself out. I just wrote. I wrote some longer poems as well, and plan to share those with you in March.

I would love your feedback in the comments. Do you think I should have shared my haiku one at a time? Do you think that I should have posted them to the Facebook page? Do you think I should have used the days as the titles for my posts as in years past? Leave me your thoughts.

Flying through NaHaiWriMo

surprise snow
when winter is extra harsh
preparing for a funeral

taking a back road
counting the hawks in the trees
no rush today

eating with you
simple ways to enjoy your love
a bee takes its time

I told you that there would be more bird poetry! I also told you that there would be more love poetry. Follow me by email to see what I write after the prompts of National Haiku Writing Month are gone.

eating with you
simple ways to enjoy your love
a bee takes its time

NaHaiWriMo 2020 Haiku

the lies we believe
the beliefs we uphold
when the bull snake bluffs
new potholes
a new turn on an old road
deer trail in the woods
end of winter
the old tree doesn't grow leaves
when landmarks die

Do you use landmarks when you drive? Or do you use time, or your odometer to know how close you are to your destination?

sun through tall trees

Haiku for NaHaiWriMo20

the space between
our fingertips grows smaller
love birds on a branch


putting on makeup
trying to perfect my face
a parrot preens


some things so fragile
they can only be whispered
sprouts in the garden


I wanted to write more love poems for my husband this year. So try to use your imagination and read these in a romantic light. As you know, love poems are not something that I write often. I have far more Dark Poems than Love Poems if you look at the numbers in my categories.

Also, I have taken hundreds of photos for this blog, and so I perfer to use them even if they don’t match the poems perfectly. I don’t like using stock photos if I can help it. I am on a bird kick right now, so get ready for lots of pictures of random birds.

Haiku Writing Month

feeling all the love
favorite food and chocolates
happy momma fox


Valentine’s Day
our love song keeps playing
eternal birdsong


2 dozen roses
red and white roses

Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I post more frequently than I used to. I retweet things, but I make original tweets too.

I think I will share my poems for National Haiku Writing Month 3 at a time so that I can post throughout the month. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on everything!