North Facing Haiku

North facing moss
trail to the little slave house
history comes alive



If you’ve been following me for the last year or so, you’ll know that I’ve started walking a trial in a park. That park is at the George Washington Carver Monument and Museum. It’s a beautiful place and it’s very inspirational. I can’t wait until the weather is better so I can be there more.

cone flowers,lavender flowers,yellow flower,wild flowers,mo wild flower,


Turtle in Haiku

white hot sun,glowing sun, sun with 1 cloud in front of it,

turtle in the sun
no one told him about Jesus
worshipping idols


I sometimes get on a kick and don’t know why. Last summer I went on a turtle writing kick. Here is another poem for which I don’t have a turtle picture for. I guess I was coming back out of my shell last summer. I felt safe and more like myself, and we were in nature more. Maybe that’s why I was writing about turtles.

Haiku Afternoon


splash of turtle
interrupting our afternoon
summer walk



That is a nice type of interruption. I can’t wait for summer to get here so I can enjoy the wildlife and the outdoors weekly.

Nibbling on Haiku

at grandma’s house
son nibbling on an Oreo
squirrel with a walnut


Sometimes you look over and see your kid being cute and you have to write about it. The squirrels at my mom’s house are very friendly and very visible. They are also spoiled as they live at Grandma’s house.

boy child


small bird,bird nest with a bird in it,robin's nest,
little bird
hopping under the maple tree
school of hard knocks


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Days 26 & 27 NAHAIWRIMO


tree branches covered in snow,trees in winter,deciduous tree,

the places where we
keep our most precious things
squirrel’s tree hollow
    Day 26

and the containers they come in
winter stockpile
    Day 27


I think next year, to keep myself from getting burnt out, I am going to share my haiku 5 days worth at a time. Have you been writing poetry this month? Are you following your passion or participating in any kind of challenge?

Days 21 -25

Glass art piece


glowing cell phone

songbird with a broken back

under the window

she flew into a reflection

it wasn’t the real thing


Yes, it is a tanka, but at least I got something written.


only seeing

my part of the forest

blind squirrel


when the whole flock

lands at the birdfeeder

mom’s casserole


learning how far

he can project his voice

boy in the school play


trying to shape

the prettiest part of me

with a plastic brush

Okay guys, some of these are senryu rather than haiku, but this is what came out when I wrote for the prompts.
sidenote: This post did not come out okay, but I got my computer rebooted. Hopefully my desktop computer is working tomorrow because posting from the app is a nightmare for a poet.

In a Poppy with Basho

departing autumn
the urge to hide oneself
in a poppy


There are some days that are so great that you wish you could freeze them and stay in them for a week. 

two pumpkins


lion chewing on a bone,lions at the DC zoo,lioness,

momma lions
she asks what I use to store
his childhood keepsakes


Hey all, this is what I wrote today. The prompt was “babies” but I’ve written two poems for babies this month so I wanted to write something that was different. And this was taken from an actual conversation that I had today.

If you are doing National Haiku Writing Month, leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing.


salad,first course,cake for dessert,

trying to hide
how much I desire cake
dog at the table


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what the doctor won’t say
trying to identify this spider
no name given


My headache went away and I got today’s haiku written. It’s not been an easy six months – my husband is still in pain and the doctors still can’t give us a diagnosis. Please don’t comment below with “have you tried this?” Yes, yes we have, including herbs. If you want to leave me a comment, tell me if this haiku made sense to you, or touched you in any way.

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small spider,red rose,insect in a rose,

Days 14-17 #NAHAIWRIMO 2019

  Day 14

on the subway
seeing my husband’s protective side
city travels

  Day 15

trying to see if
the grass is greener on
the other side

  Day 16

beauty aisle
trying to pick a shade
settling on red rose

  Day 17

the shiny button
or the piece of tinfoil
for a better nest


Hey, I finally found time to share my haiku with you. I hope you like them. They are not the greatest but they do go with the prompts.

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rose blooming,rose bud unfolding,red rose bloom,