NaHaiWriMo Year 2021 Day 28

Final prompt day 28: all you need is love

how to make a home
out of an empty house
all you need is love

So I tried to end strong, but I ended up writing a senryu instead of a haiku for the last day of National Haiku Writing Month. I also ended up writing a tanka for day 18 rather than a 3 line poem. But at least I wrote something for every day. It looks like day 24 was my most liked haiku on Facebook, but not here on my blog, which is weird as it was for this audience. Strangers liked my poem more than you guys did. This month never clarifies anything for me, it only confuses me more.

You guys disliked – or decided not to leave likes – for a love poem that I wrote for my husband. I guess I still need to work on my love poems. No wonder I failed at being a writer – if you can’t write about love you aren’t going to get very far!! The other poem that got only one like was day 13.

But I decided last year that I write for me, the Likes are just extra. The haiku that you guys liked the most this year was not actually a haiku but a senryu, Day 19. Again I don’t understand how I draw likes on my posts. I have researched and I use tags that make sense but I guess I am just happy that someone is not only reading my blog, but will take the extra step of leaving me a like. I really appreciate those of you who left me comments this year. I did receive more likes than I have in the past and that is encouraging. Comments help me a lot, maybe next year I will get more of those.

As I looked back through my poems, I think that day 20 is my personal favorite. Which poem is your personal favorite this year?

National Haiku Writing Month ’21 Day 27

Day 27 the prompt is “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”.

birds and stars
the sun and the majestic moon
the sky is not empty
WordPress gives us some beautiful stock photos.

Today’s prompt was hard to write for, but I made some pretty stories, go check them out.

NaHaiWriMo 2021 Day 25

Day 25: ticket to ride

running errands
grasshopper on the windshield
free ride

I’ve not been feeling great this week, but I’m still writing and blogging. What things have you been doing this week?

NaHaiWriMo 2021 Day 24

Day 24 prompt: across the universe

sending my love
to all of my online friends
under the same moon

Thank you for supporting me and following me across the internet. I hope you are having a good night, wherever you are.

NaHaiWriMo ’21 Day 23

Today’s prompt was a fun one that we may have seen before – twist and shout. So I thought hard and tried to write a haiku that I had not written before. What do you think?

continued problems
morning glories insist on
knotting together

NaHaiWriMo 2021 Day 22

Thank you for following my blog and leaving me comments. Thank you for your likes here and on other sites. Thank you for your shares on other sites. Today’s prompt was “yesterday” which is funny because I posted yesterday’s poem today. Don’t forget to scroll back and look through my poems from the weekend.

yesterday was clouds
all shadow no shine no joy
but today there is sun
ice melting off of tree,snow melting,winter,snow on tree,ice on sapling,

NaHaiWriMo 2021 Day 20

Day 20 prompt: where the streets have no name

I wrote two poems for this prompt. I took a break from blogging and social media over the weekend, today I am posting everywhere and playing catch up. You can find me on different social media platforms by following the links on my About Me and This Blog page. Leave me a comment telling me that you are one of my blog readers and I will follow you back.

Photo by Pixabay on
  Back Road
the gravel crunches
I drive past an old field
I know where I am
even if this road has no name
even if the field has changed hands
  February 20, 2021
the wolf has no
street no road to walk on 
but he gets there

NaHaiWriMo ’21 Day 19

some things are truly powerful, the sun rises with or without you

It’s Day 19 and the prompt reminds me of a song title “with or without you”. I meant for this poem to be about how the world keeps going even if we don’t, but after writing it here I realize it sounds like a heartbroken love poem.

Don’t forget to scroll back through this month’s posts, I’ve written one poem for every day of National Haiku Writing Month. The shortest poetry for the shortest month.

NaHaiWriMo 2021 Day 18

Today’s prompt was pride.

not asking for help
strong people do it themselves
try not to complain
a big branch breaks under the
weight of all the ice and snow

So this happens every year, and today I just went with it. My poem flowed out into 5 lines instead of 3 making it a tanka. Also, I know you’re all tired of hearing about ice and snow but it was too poetic to not publish.

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National Haiku Writing Month ’21 Day 17

Prompt for day 17 of NaHaiWriMo: beautiful day

winter afternoon
when the heaviness melts away
sunshine on snow

winter afternoon
when the heaviness melts away
sunshine on snow