Transplanted Haiku

cannas flower,flower died back,cannas flower in the fall,

transplanted cannas
dirt from mom’s backyard
mixes with my dirt

I transplanted some flowers from my mom’s yard to mine. I tried to keep the dirt that they had been growing in for the last several years around them since that is what they are used to. They are sprouting now, I hope they bloom this year. Are there any flowers you are wanting to see bloom in your yard this year?

Spanish Proverb about Mom

An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.

-Spanish Proverb


I just love this proverb. What is one of your favorites?

Scarred Pear Tree Branches

bradford pear tree,tree trunk,scars on tree,

scarred pear tree branches
new buds sprout on old limbs
spring comes despite scars

I took this photo and then wrote the poem. That happens every now and then. Usually I have to hunt for the right photo, or wait to post a poem until I can get the right photograph, but this time the photograph inspired me. How often does that happen to you?


When We Fully Bloom

As long as we are persistent in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time. –Denis Waitley


How true this is. We can strive for greatness and try to grow into something great, but it happens when it is meant to happen.

Poor Man Cinquain

  Sinful Hunger

He spied

the freshly baked bread in the store,

hunger gnawed at his belly,

so the poor man

stole it.


Here is a cinquain I wrote a while back. It was inspired by a prompt on Twitter, but it was written so long ago I don’t know which prompt account inspired me to write it.

friendship bread

Schrodinger’s Tree

Schrodinger’s tree
alive or dead can’t tell
Spring opens the hand

All of my trees have survived the winter and started putting on blooms and leaves. I am so happy! What are you happy about this spring?
leaves sprouting on tree,new leaves,tree leaves,tree in the spring,


How our life is made.

Our life is made by the death of others.

-Leonardo Da Vinci


I hope all of my readers have a great weekend. Thank you for sharing my work, clicking like, and supporting me during National Poetry Month.

The last day of #NaPoWriMo 2015

seeds sprouting,sprouts,seedling,flowers in a pot,seeds in a container,seedlings in a container,

Well, I learned this month that I don’t do well with basic vague prompts. I need specific prompts that push you into a corner and ask you to work your way out. I have written for all of the basic prompts such as “eyes” “midnight” “smile” “kindness” “love that is sad/wrong/sweet/etc and several numbers. Now I need more creative ideas to get me going. I hope the people on Twitter and the people who run blogs get more creative and specific with their prompts. I have really enjoyed reading through the poetry on the Poetic Asides blog and I hope you have made your way over there at least once this month to read some of what the contemporary/modern poets are writing. Here is my final poem for National Poetry Writing Month. I will post a haiku for you on Monday so be sure to keep coming back. There will also be a new quote tomorrow.


  Bury the Seeds
bury some sunflower
seeds under the window
on the days when you
need to see the sun there will
be yellow at the window

What we don’t know on Day 29 of #NaPoWriMo

flower bud,bud of lily,closeup of flower,

Man knows
how to feed the
flowers, how to ask them
to grow, but he doesn’t know how
they grow.

Today’s challenge for National Poetry Writing Month was to write a what nobody knows poem. Since I have been wanting to do cinquain poetry this month, this is what I did. What do you think? Leave me a comment and share this if you like it.

Anti-matter on Day 28 of #NaPoWriMo


If we

are not pruned how

how will we grow taller

we will only grow fatter if

not cut.


So you usually think of anti-matter being as being something mystical or powerful, but if the definition of anti-matter is anything that is not matter, that opens up the playing field. Today was the last Two for Tuesday for the 2015 April PAD Challenge. The prompt was to write a poem about matter and/or a poem about anti-matter. I tried again, to do a two-in-one. What do you think?


tree branches,tree with no leaves,dicidous tree

Thinking about the past on Day 27 of #NaPoWriMo

little boy shoes,end of the path,end of the road,end of the sidewalk,jumping off point,

I Took the Road Not Taken and Found the Other Path.

The road not taken was beneath my feet
The grass was not trodden down
Because I was not going to be beat
My mission to be something I would complete
I was not the only one trying to get out of that town
The paths twisted like the gnarled branches of an oak
But I maintained that I had chose
As around me I pulled my cloak
The grass was green and not a single blade broke
It felt good on my toes
To have both lives was to cheat
But in chasing the dreams I was told to chase
I dreamt about the path with a rear facing seat
To wear high heels upon my feet
I could not walk down to that place
It is ages since I have made the call
What I found was I did not have to choose one
Through the underbrush I did not crawl
It was just one path after all
The roads twisted together and I found the sun
So I have been working on this poem for a while. Around a year actually. When I do stanzas with patterns it always trips me up. The prompt from the PAD challenge inspired me to finish it today; the prompt was to write a looking back poem. Do you know the poem that originally inspired me? I had a couple of really great lines come to me for this poem but I just couldn’t get them into the flow of the poem so I left them out. “It was just one path that twisted back on itself” was a line that I felt I had to cut. Have you ever written a poem as a nod to a great piece of literature?

In Their First Year

establishing hollyhocks,young hollyhock

in their first year

hollyhocks look novel

waiting for this spring


So many things look small or insignificant in their first year. Do you have any plants that take a year or more to mature?