Halfway Through NaBloPoMo18

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Well, we are halfway through National Blog Posting Month 2018 and I have only missed 2 days. I am liking this challenge so far. I think I will team up with Nanopoblano every year because they offer support and diverse ways to blog and post new content during NaBloPoMo. Are you liking the way I am doing this challenge? Would you like to see me post daily photo challenges to Instagram? Leave me your thoughts below!

Today’s prompt was “something dangerous.” I wanted to share this poem that I wrote during National Poetry Writing Month this year, it is a triolet. It is about how young children are taken from their mothers to be soldiers in wars, in overseas countries.

War Infested Country

boys crush skulls under their boot heels
who are barely old enough to tie their shoes
they are told this is how men get their thrills
boys crush skulls under their boot heels
they are left to stand alone when the blood spills
they drown out their conscience with booze
boys crush skulls under their boot heels
who are barely old enough to tie their shoes



Day 14 Nanopoblano18

Today’s prompt from the Somethingist Challenge was to a post about “something illuminated” so I thought I would share this poem. I wrote this on a Wednesday Night as Bible Study started. Our churches offer so many ways to help, but people do not take advantage. People are always saying they want answers, but then they say that they don’t have time for church. The answers to many questions that you have, about yourself, and about society, are in the Bible. People who go to church regularly know this, but are too afraid (or lazy) to invite friends to church. People who read their Bibles regularly find so much comfort by what they read, but yet they hesitate to recommend that book to friends when discussing books, or discussing how confusing life can be. Volunteering at the church brings so much confidence and fulfillment, but people want someone else to do it while they sit at home and complain about how they have nothing to do and no friends to do it with.


Lazy Christians
drops of water hit the pond’s surface
but make no ripple or echo
corn stalks grow but produce no fruit
words are spoken and heard
but nobody moves no hand stirs
the fields are furrowed and tilled
but no one drops seeds
then they cry as they starve
wondering why nothing grew
while seeds rot in the shed


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Something Strong

I always publish a few blog posts late in the day when I do a month-long challenge. Today I need to post a poem about “something strong” for the Somethingist Challenge that I am doing for National Blog Posting Month. Give me your thoughts on this piece, in the comment section below.


  Badges and Battles
She wore her scars like badges
like an army captain wears ribbon bars
they told of the wars her body
had fought and won
of the battles waged
that you forgot about

This poem was inspired on Twitter by a #WrittenRiver writing prompt.

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Day 12 NaBloPoMo

The prompt’s for last weekend’s Somethingist challenge were:

10.    Something fragile
11.    Something temporary
12.    Something surprising

Today is Day 12. I thought I would share one of my haiku with you since that is normally what I share on Mondays. Life is fragile and fleeting. You are usually surprised to find yourself at a memorial service, even though they are often planned and talked about for a week beforehand. Sunsets, even though we get them every day, are temporary. 


facing sunset
the glow of a day gone
memorial service

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NanoPoblano Day 9

Day nine’s prompt is to write about “something substantial” so I chose one of my longer poems. I am getting the really fine lines around my eyes. I am approaching 32 and I am feeling my age. I don’t feel old, but I don’t feel 21 anymore. I am definitely in a new phase of my life. There are fewer weddings and more divorces, more graduations, fewer births. The funerals are far less surprising and come as often as anything else. It’s not a bad phase, it’s a comfortable phase. It’s easy to be complacent and just do the same ‘ol thing every week. But I try to be spontaneous and fun for my young son, and I try to stay in the know. I’m not dead yet!a large flock of birds,birds in flight,

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  Crow’s Feet

As I shook out the blankets this morning
I found a black feather on the bed.
I haven’t seen them, but I see their tracks.
In the melting snow I see faint outlines
of crow’s feet.
The caw caw that rings from the trees
tells me that crows circle overhead.
Their shadows darken my days.
Crows like shiny things.
They weave silver into my hair
as I dream about my youth.
A shadow flutters across my face
lands at the corner of my eye
and I feel the wind on my cheek.
I hear not just the sound of the wind
but the sound of flapping wings.
They peck at my back and legs
while I try to cheer at ball games
making it hard to sit and hard to stand.
The tracks they leave become
dry river beds that have flash floods.
Their shadows chill me and make
me pray for the sun and its warmth.
I only catch glimpses of them
from the corner of my eye
but I know they circle me.

Mum Haiku by Basho

drinking morning tea
the monk is quiet
as is the mum flower


Sometimes simple haiku is nice.

yellow mum,red mum,over-sized mums,fall flowers,flowers in a barrel,

Day 7 NaBloPoMo 2018

Today’s prompt was “something displaced” so I looked through my longer poems and found one that got shoved into a drawer. Here is a poem about having to find your place when the world pushes you around and tries to bury you.

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  Rising From the Ashes

we are so embarrassed when
we are cracked open, when we break
and yet, only those of us who have
been broken and pulled apart
know what is inside of us
to become a doctor or a nurse
you will be given broken, bloodied bodies
and it must be your hands that go inside
until you’ve stitched up flesh or
breathed life into someone failing to live
you don’t know how precious life is and
that second chances are handed out every day
a phoenix must first writhe in pain
must be consumed by the fire and laid in ash
before she can rise and soar in a new day
don’t be ashamed of the scars
that you got from the fire
your new wings are all anyone sees


NaBloPoMo Day 6

Today is day 6 of National Blog Posting Month. I am doing the Somethingist Challenge and the prompt for today is “something possible.” Making your voice heard is possible! I hope you voted today. I hope you vote in all elections. I hope you send letters to the editor, and go to your town’s council meetings, and to parent-teacher conferences, and I hope that you speak up for the poor and the afflicted whenever and wherever you can.

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They have forgotten what their tongues are for.

a flame among smoldering coals
a shout among whispers
everyone in the room stares
wondering why I’m shouting
they’ve forgotten
they’re supposed to be shouting too
they have forgotten
what their tongues are for
not just for eating
not just for spreading rumor and hate
we are supposed to move mountains
love and hold up whole families
with just our tongues
the world grows cold
but I am still aflame

July 10, 2018

NanoPoblano Day 5

Today’s prompt for the Somethingist challenge was “something damaged.” To keep myself from burning out, some days I am just going to post a poem instead of a long post. Also, I already posted a short and sweet haiku, so if you’re looking for short and sweet go to the haiku category! If you want cute pictures visit my Instagram.

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  Melting Candle

The wax runs down the candlestick
and pools in its holder.
It is burning bright,
bringing light to the whole house.
It is hot from working so hard
and that is why it melts,
because it is putting its whole self
into the work that it is doing.
The candle gives pieces of itself away
thinking that if it starts to lean
that someone else will come along
and give it some support.
But much to the candle’s dismay,
no one shows up when it starts to lean.
The candle droops over,
then breaks, and falls to the table.
It is hurt and surprised that no one
was there, or cared to check on it.
So out of spite,
it sets the tablecloth on fire.

Dot Haiku

white and orange pumpkins,oragne pumpkin,halloween,fall fun,

This is my son about 4 or so years ago. He is barely bigger than the stack of pumpkins!

dot dot dot
a labor of love
mom’s tattoo


My friend was discussing tattoos with me I got to thinking about how tattoos are actually hundreds of little dots. She wanted dots in her tattoo for her daughter. I am sharing simple haiku this week. I think haiku can be fun and simple sometimes, it doesn’t always have to be super profound. 

NanoPoblano Day 2

If you go to the main site here you will find a quick explanation of what I’m doing this month. The resources page is where I got this neat little badge/image that I will be adding to my nablopomo posts.

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Today’s prompt is “something unlikely.”

Please remember that you can cheer us on by sharing the posts of those who are participating in National Blog Posting Month, and by leaving comments on our new posts.

I am going to try to share some of my longer poems with you and possibly write some new poems this month. I will post Monday through Friday every week. I may or may not post to the blog on Saturdays and Sundays. I may put those posts on Instagram instead, we’ll see. Follow me on social media or by email. I do not do newsletters or spam you in any way. You will only be emailed links to my new posts. It’s unlikely, I know – but it’s true!!


dying embers can
be stirred ’til they burn hot
and glow rosy red
this is how wildfires start
abandoned fire rekindled