Scars and Freckles

selfie,self portrait,freckles
Scars and Freckles 

the scars on my chest
are as dense as the
freckles on my nose
arrows of sharp words
found their mark
but the scar tissue
keeps them from
reaching my heart now
Written after seeing a #Heartsmeal prompt on Twitter.

Ivy Haiku

he needed her
to stop choking him
ivy on front gate

I think I wrote this for a prompt, but I have forgotten which one. I am going back through what I’ve written and trying to post all of the old poems I have for you guys, before I forget to share them.

Image from Graphics Fairy


Irish Proverbs

A kind word never broke anyone’s mouth.
Many a time a man’s mouth has broke his nose.

So, so, so true. I found these and they go so well together that I decided to share them together. Share them with the buttons below if you agree!

fully bloomed daffodil,yellow flowers,flower in sunlight,morning daffodil,

Allow the River

river,gently flowing stream,
There is a River
There is a River
there is a God
there is a Hope.
Allow the River
to float you
to that Hope.
This little piece was inspired by an #ntitle prompt on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter for little ditties like this.

Strength Training

Thomas Hart Benton painting,back of a man,

Close up of Thomas Hart Benton painting.


People often surmise
there will be no work
in heaven
I think they’re in
for a surprise
this earthwork
is strength training

I wrote this for an #ntitle prompt on Twitter. I believe the prompt was earthwork and this is where I went with it.

Words |small stone poetry

stream,glowing water,

words are just words
until they come from
The Book
then they are The Word
and life-giving water

When do you think words become more special? When are words nothing?

Walnut Tree Haiku

old walnut tree
cracked and fell over today
it was dead inside


I think I wrote this haiku for a prompt on Twitter, but it is based off of seeing trees that have toppled over while walking through the woods. I wrote it a while back and was wanting the right picture to post with it, but kept forgetting to find a dead walnut tree. I said I would go walking through the woods this summer and get more pictures, but the start of this summer was incredibly busy so I have not accomplished that. The picture below is one I have had for a while and I have been waiting to find a poem about rebirth or regeneration to post it with. So to heck with it, I’ll just post them together. This stump was a tall walnut tree before it died and had to be cut down.

new life,regeneration,circle of life,saplings,trees


A quote from Basho that you need to read.

Even if you have three or four extra syllables, or even five or seven, you needn’t worry as long as it sounds right.



Yep, he said that.
fully bloomed daffodil,yellow flowers,flower in sunlight,morning daffodil,

Double-Sided Sword

38th parrallel,war monument,

Double-Sided Sword

Cutting myself on
the edge of right
the edge of wrong
is dull
this double-sided blade
the sword I have to bear
A #HeartSoup inspired creation. Leave your thoughts on it below.

Endless Wine and Prayers

  Wine Soaked

Endless wine and prayers
pour in and out of our mouth
and we can’t understand
why God doesn’t answer.

This is a continuation of my small stones poetry collection. I forget which prompt I wrote this poem for.
There is no type-o in this poem. I talked about writing poetry about Jesus in an earlier post, see it here.
psalm 119:105, lamp, thy word, light unto my path,

Last Times ~ shape poetry

So I am super excited!! I wrote a poem last night that was shape poetry. I love shape poetry and have been trying to do it with long poems for years, and failing. Maybe if I try it with micropoetry I will have better success; what do you think? There is an account on Twitter that tweets out prompts for shape (or visual or concrete) poetry on Saturdays and Sunday’s, check them out HERE 

Ignorance| a poem

single rose,lone rose,rose bud,winter,rose in wintertime,

Ignorance on the floor below me
She doesn’t remember
She is struggling to understand
I try not to get angry
Remember she hadn’t been born yet
When the towers fell
If you are ever reading a poem of mine and you are unsure of what it is about, the tags I use will always give you a clue. If you really like the poem you are reading, you can click on the tags of that poem and find similar poetry to read here on my blog.