Basho Charmed


on a mountain path
where something might charm you
a wild violet


I hope to keep up on these posts as well and for there not to be any missed weeks. I have my own haiku scheduled to post on Monday. What haiku poets do you like?

Johnny Jump Up flower


Small Stones Essence


If I

held you in my hand

what would you feel like?

Warm sunshine

the brushing of a butterfly?

Or ice that freezes

even after I let go?



So I shared a lot of my small stones poetry with you guys in 2015. I have written more here and there throughout the last 2 years and so I am going to figure out what I have and haven’t shared and post it as filler. I wrote 17 small stones poems in 2017, how interesting is that? I might share it on Wednesday or Friday or even Tuesday. To see the little poems that I wrote to capture a feeling or a mood, follow me by email.

This was written for a #DimpleVerse prompt. It could be called a love poem but I’m not sure. It is about someone wondering what would happen if they got close to someone else. Not all relationships are romantic.
morning sun,pink sky,burning sun,sunrise in the midwest,

Grandfather Haiku

evening moon,full moon,

grandfather moon
wandering into the day
when he should be home



So this haiku is sad, but we need to capture the sad moments of life as well. Do you try to capture moments when you write?

Short Motherhood Poem

Samantha and G blurred paint

  Surer in Their Step
a woman’s body is heavier than a girl’s
it is wider and takes up more space
so that it can protect better
a woman’s body becomes a castle wall
after a few months of motherhood
rib bones spread like iron bars
to keep in the precious and lock out
the marauding hordes
her feet may move slower
but they are surer in their step


I wrote this back in 2015 but I am still not sure I like it. What do you think? Did you connect to it, did it move you?


Basho Buying a Cookie

buying a cookie
even the ferns are withered
at a rest stop


I think this poem is so cute. I can just imagine Basho munching on a cookie and looking at his surroundings as he rests at an ancient rest stop. Keep in mind that this was written between 1684-88.

bloom of foget me not flower,blue star flower,

Forget Me Not flower

Recollections of a Broken Back

Recollections of a Broken Back

Broken backs march to the next task
Wondering how they got so broken
On this path that was supposed to be so easy
This path, littered with pain
The birds sing the same year after year
Their songs don’t seem to change
So why am I aging
Why am I feeling the need to sit down
I feel the years clog my veins
The misadventures stretch across my skin
Shiny speed bumps to slow sensual thought
Where are all of the fine things
This broken back was supposed to bring me


I wish I had dated my older poems. I thought that if I didn’t date them they would seem more mysterious. What do you think? Do you date your poems? Do you share the date when you share them?


Tanka History

tree leaves,sun in black and white,

heavy afternoon air
choices to make
but I can’t catch my breath
too much to handle at once


I just love the Tanka, here is some history on it:

Tankas often appear inside or alongside longer prose or narrative works. Lady Murasaki Shikibu’s foundational prose work The Tale of Genji, which dates to the early eleventh century and is sometimes called the world’s first novel, contains more than four hundred tankas. Many of the great tanka court poets were women, such as Akazome Emon (956–1041), Ono no Komachi (ca. 825–ca. 900), and Izumi Shikibu (ca. 970–1030). Here is one of Princess Nukata’s (ca. 630–690) tankas, “Yearning for the Emperor Tenji,” collected in the Man’yōshū:

     While, waiting for you,
My heart is filled with longing,
The autumn wind blows—
As if it were you—
Swaying the bamboo blinds of my door.

Starting in the nineteenth century, poets began to reconsider, reconfigure, and modernize the highly codified tanka form. This is especially evident in the work of the tanka poet Ishikawa Takuboku (1886–1912). The New Poetry Society, or Myōjō Poets (Morning Star Poets), and their chief rivals, the Negishi Tanka Society, brought tanka into the twentieth century. This traditional mood poem opened up to the currents of modern social and political life.

Pale Haiku

tulips,yellow flowers,collection of flowers,

pale woman
bottled up emotions
flowers in a bottle



So I have been trying to release all of these pent-up emotions since April. I have been writing every single week and painting a little too. I try to do something creative every day, whether I am writing a poem, writing a blog post, editing my writing, painting, or researching tips on painting or writing, or fixing my creative space in my home. I also try to do things that help with inspiration like take walks, exercise, read books, and watch Youtube tutorials.

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that I bought “real” art supplies.  I bought oil paints, an easel, and other stuff. I also shared some of my sketches. You might also see that I have had blemishes on my face – that is from stress and a bad diet. I am doing the Ketogenic Diet again so that will help a little bit. I don’t do a whole lot of selfies on Insta, but I try to do 1 at least once a month because they somehow get the most likes.

What do you do to de-stress?

Drought Haiku

dead grass,dried up yard,bad drought,drought of 2012,

wishing on clouds

in the shadow of a drought

deep summer

After going through a drought of barely writing I am now pouring out poetry. I will try to schedule some to post throughout this month. Stay tuned! Follow me, there are multiple ways on multiple sites to keep up with me, just check my About Me page to find all of the links.

Sunlight on a Haiku

morning sunlight
water cup on my nightstand
I get another day




There is a Twitter account called Written River and a hashtag for #WrittenRiver. I follow both. Here is one of my latest haiku written for a prompt. I often write my poetry and think about it for a month or so before I post it. People have been encouraging me to submit my creations again. That is a game I played for 2 years and it was exhausting. I don’t know that I want to do that again.

morning sun,sun on the way to work,yellow sun,

Basho in the Pond

Here is what is the most read and well-known of Matsuo Basho’s haiku poems.


old pond
a frog jumps into
the sound of water

herd of elk,elk in a lake,elk in a pond,

I didn’t have a picture of a frog in a pond.

Dead Flower Haiku

excuse number five
because I never stop hoping
watering dead flowers


I hope you are enjoying this week of haiku. Leave me a comment if you are!

dead moss in planter,dead flower in pot,