A Proverb about Hell.

Hell is paved with good intentions and roofed with lost opportunities.

Portuguese Proverb

Spring Whispers

spring whispers

from buds on tree branches

from kittens mewing in the barn

spring whispers “hold on”

I am on my way

I know everyone is getting tired of the snow, but I am still enjoying it. It’s the yucky ice that needs to stay away. Why does snow seem to always melt into ice? Why can’t it just be here, then be gone the next day, why must it freeze into a clear rock for me to slip on?
yard clover, white clover, sweet clover

The Sound I Want to Hear

my brother’s laugh
is the sound I want to hear
iced driveway
snow covered walkway, snow, winter, snowed in


Did winter weather interrupt your plans this winter?


Booker T. Washington Quote

You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him.

–Booker T. Washington


A haiku in remembrance.

a pile of
flowers and teddy bears
for the girl who never came home

RIP Hailey Owens

I wrote this haiku, on this day last year, when a local girl was abducted, raped, and murdered. I am posting it on my blog for all of the little girls and boys who never made it home.

roadside memorial

Items left for Hailey.

The Taste of Words

  The Taste of Words
bitter and stinging
soft and sweet
so big they choke
or so little that
they are almost missed
the taste of words
as they pass my lips
library, books at the Missouri Governor's Mansion, Goodnight Moon
This short poem was inspired by an #orjay prompt on Twitter.
What words are you tasting today?




A haiku about grown trees.

what does the grown tree
try to tell the sapling

tree, little tree, tree leafing out, new leaves

Do you go out of your way to be a mentor to anyone? Why or why not?

Like the Bee

like the bee
stumbles upon the flower
I found you

bees in wildflower, purple flower, native missouri flower, missouri wildflower
I finally wrote a love poem!! Someone say hooray!


A quote about fear.

Erica: I always believed that fear belonged to other people. Weaker people. It never touched me. And then it did. And when it touches you, you know… that it’s been there all along. Waiting beneath the surfaces of everything you loved.

from the movie The Brave One


I really like that movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should. There are so many powerful, thought-provoking moments in it.

Fire and Lies

  Fire and Lies
she thought the fire
had gone out
thought the brimstone
had gone cold
but these were lies
a fire still burned for her
dragons still fly overhead
winter is coming to an end


Lookout Point, Arkansas, sky prarie

So I’ve written a couple of love poems lately. In true Failing at Haiku style, they are short and a little on the dark side. On Saturday, which is Valentine’s Day, I will actually post a haiku that is sweet, no darkness at all!

This poem was inspired by a HeartSoup prompt on Twitter. Leave me a Like if you like it at all.

Tree Rings

   Tree Rings

rings of the oak tree

circles stretch across

the top of my table

a hall of records

no one can read

single flower petal, rose petal, white petal

This was inspired by prompt 213 from #ntitle on Twitter.

Hold Me Until

  Hold Me Until
Hold me until
The rain stops
Until the thunder
Has grumbled enough
Whisper to me
About how you
Aren’t afraid of lightning
storm cloud, rain cloud, thunderheads
So I have written a few short poems that could be construed as love poems! I thought I would share them with you this week. Stay tuned, as I do have a haiku that is going to post on Valentine’s Day which is Saturday.
This poem was inspired by a #WrittenRiver prompt on Twitter.