Burning wood to keep the haiku warm.

burning wood
a fireplace full of ash
sacrifices keep us warm



So this year for National Blog Posting Month, Team Tiny Peppers who do Nano Poblano are mixing it up a little. Instead of following prompts or encouraging us all to write and blog every day, they are setting forth a different challenge or idea. Participants are committing to 30 days of blog activities: 10 days of making posts, 10 days of reading/commenting, and 10 days of sharing posts through any other platform.

I think this is a great idea. And I think that even if you aren’t blogging you can support blogs this month by reading 10 different bloggers and sharing 10 different blog posts throughout the month of November. If you are going to do that leave me a comment below. There is a name for those who encourage us, and I will tell it to you if you comment. If you are going to blog for 10 days in November, use the tag #NanoPoblano2019 so that we can find you and support you. Also, follow the links in the first paragraph.

salmon colored sunset,bright sunset,the sun setting in america,pink sunset,

Graceful Haiku

baseball,little league,playing baseball,summer ball,

watching my son
lose a game gracefully
my flowers bloom bright


I am loving sharing my new haiku with you. I will share some brand new flash fiction soon.

Walking the Haiku Trail

white flower,along the trail,but in flower bloom,


walking the trail
thankful for
pretty flowers
back to the hospital


I have found that you can either be thankful for the little things, or you can be bitter. No one I know can be both. Being thankful is a mindset, and it will help you get through life much easier. I use haiku poetry to help with this. Haiku is a poem that captures a moment in time. Why do I want to capture moments in time? Because I learned something from them, or because I found joy in something unique.

Supportive Haiku

girl’s night
finding the support I need
vine growing up the tree



Girl’s night is a great thing. Whether you are out with your friends, or just hanging out with family, getting together to socialize with other ladies is really important. I recommend doing this several times a year. 

ladies' banquet,friends,female friendship,good friends,

Pumpkin Patch Haiku

red and black pumpkin,green pumpkin,odd-shaped pumpkins,autumn,Halloween,

pumpkin patch
not worrying about size
life lessons



I hope you are enjoying my haiku. Thank you to all of my new followers for your follows and likes. I post longer poems and stories occasionally, stay tuned. 

Crow Haiku

native american jewelry,native american art,big necklace,heavy necklace,religious jewelry,

Native American Bird Effigy Necklace

the shiny things
that we decorate with
crow’s nest



We aren’t all that different from the animals. That’s why I love haiku, it’s a poetry form that connects us directly back to nature. The relationship between humans and nature is layers deep.

The Wild Half of my Heart

autumn treeline,trees in the fall,beautiful sky,big white clouds,

wanting to flee to the forest again
the wild half of my heart
when the city is loud



I have lived in “the city” for 14 years. I still love nature and the country, but I am really used to city life. There are pros and cons to living in both places. There is fun to be found in both.

To find out how I am participating in National Blog Posting Month, go to my first post for the month.

The Legends We Grow

potted plants on the deck,potted plants in winter,planter covered in ice and snow,dead purslane,dead moss rose,

persimmon fruit
fearful of the big snow
the legends we grow



The people in my area of the country have actually been hoping for snow. Many of our children have only seen snow higher than 6 inches once or twice. I can remember playing in snowbanks often as a child. But my child has only done this twice.

The other thing that people also point out, is that the bugs that carry disease die and aren’t as prevalent in the spring when we get big snows. I personally like to get at least 1 big snow a year. I hate ice, but snow is pretty and fun.

Haiku in the Grass

weeds too high
grass that grows in the wrong places
bad thoughts run wild



If you visit any blogger this month please let it be Ra at rarasaur.com. She is a huge inspiration to me and she has a pretty awesome Instagram account as well as a blog. She spearheads Nano Poblano and has had a rough year. Please show her some love during National Blog Posting Month.

flowers sprouting,lily,new growth,shoots,

Dragon Days

dragon days
when the summer air was hot
wishing I could go back



I hope you all enjoy your Halloween. Whether you’re taking an adorable child house to house, volunteering at an event, or handing out candy at your door, I hope you embrace how fun the day can be. Sometimes Halloween is cold and rainy, I am hoping against that for my area because my son loves Halloween.

Also, today’s poem is about how everyone says they love the fall, but I do not get why rain and darker days are funner than summer or spring when everything is bright. I did some wordplay with “dog days” because the prompt for day 12 was “dragon.”

boy in Halloween costume,ghoul,ghost for halloween,

The Birds Chirp Every Day

red-breasted robin,mother bird,making a nest,

the birds chirp every day
whether it snows or shines



I have always wanted to be consistent with this blog. I have always wanted to blog 3 days a week, with Monday being one of those days. But life is messy and hard. I think participating in the Inktober challenge by writing haiku for the prompts is helping me to get back into blogging. It has certainly help me get back into writing. 

Back and Forth Haiku

free squirrel photo

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

back and forth
like a squirrel to a tree
driving to treatment



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