Haiku Memo

the leaves are dying
the birds didn’t get the memo
happy tweeting


the start of autumn,the beginning of fall,fall leaves,fall on the farm,

I have said this in other posts, I think it’s interesting that people love fall and talk about how beautiful it is, but then are afraid of death. Autumn is the world dying and withering away. I guess we know from the posters at school, that spring will come in a few months, so it’s easy not to fear. Why then do we fear our death? Haven’t you seen posters with Jesus? Don’t you know that heaven is as real as buds on a Maple tree and that you can see both one day?


Fish and Plastic

fish looking at me,fish with red scales,eye of fish,

we over-fished
the sea and replaced the fish
with trash and plastic


The trashcan is where the suffocating of the fish begins. We’re drowning in that easy plastic: straws, six-pack strings, water bottles, and the like. These things are supposed to disappear when they go into the trashcan, but they don’t, because nothing disappears. It just changes location. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it stopped being a problem. The garbage truck is not a magician’s hat. Your trash is not transported to another dimension; it is transported to the ocean where things live.

Advertisements as big as buildings and you still aren’t getting the message. We need to go back to using paper. What is the life and half-life of glass? Glass is more difficult to transport to games and more hazardous to our hands to clean up, but at least it breaks. Plastic doesn’t break. We thought this was a good thing; it’s not. Plastic does not break under the crash of a wave, the heat of the sun, nor under the pressure of winter. Glass breaks, paper breaks, metal can be reused. Plastic can only be recycled so many times, and only when you take it to the recycling center instead of throwing it in the trash. After that, it floats through this world for hundreds of years.

Gramma washed plastic baggies and tin foil and you laughed at her. You shook your head and maybe even threw away tinfoil when she wasn’t looking because it was absurd to keep such small things when there was a whole store of plastic down the road. But that easy plastic left the store and left grandma’s and now it’s choking the fish in the ocean that she never got to see. You took plastic to the ocean instead of grandma, who was the only one who was really an activist.

You thought retweeting a hashtag that you were too vapid to even come up with was activism. That’s not it sis. You thought screaming while marching was a movement. Then you threw down your sign and plastic water bottle in the street and went home not realizing that you are not an activist, you are the problem. Washing canvas bags, and tinfoil, and plastic Ziplock bags that only had cracker crumbs in them is work, but it is real work. The longer that butter bowl stays in grandma’s cabinet being reused, the longer the fish have one more foot of ocean to swim in.

Be your grandmother’s, or your grandfather’s, grandchild and do better.

Tanka Tuesday | Moonlight

moonlight and
sunshine after the sun is down
a good example
of how to be helpful
even after you’re gone

supermoon,blood moon,full moon,orange moon,bright full moon,


I have written some more tanka, so every now and then you will get a Tanka Tuesday. This tanka is about how I realized the other day that moonlight is sunlight. There’s really no such thing as “moonlight” because the light that you are seeing is coming from the sun and bouncing off of the moon.

Much of my recent poetry that I haven’t shared is fall themed. It is so easy to write for that season. I have written and shared most of my winter haiku. I will try to write more winter haiku as the season approaches and as we are in it. My son pointed out yesterday that we are in a season of change, and many new things are happening. I should have a lot of new poetry for you soon. Follow me to see it when I post it.

Bright Orange Haiku

orange sunset,the sun setting,black trees against the sun,treeline sunset,

bright orange
trees big enough to stop you
make you pause and think



Fall is coming. The signs are pretty hard to miss if you live in the USA. Even if you don’t have the trees that change color, you are surely seeing pictures of them across social media. I would encourage you to let the things that are meant to make you stop, stop. Really find some time this week to sit and think on things.

Haiku on our way home.

grown deer,adult deer,brown deer,deer in the woods,

the doe pricks her ears
small gifts from God on our way
home from the hospital



When you are in a medical crisis or caring for someone fighting a chronic or deadly illness, small gifts mean everything. Chemo and radiation start this week for my mom.

Haiku and Flowers

flowers in the flowerbed


a barren year
when the flowers
you love
do not reseed


Crest and Fall – 8 Years of Blogging

morning migration,large flock of birds,morning commute,birds flocking,

doctor visits
the birds crest and fall in waves
like my hope and joy



Today is the 8th Anniversary of this blog. I almost made a “goodbye post” when my depression was running wild. I am so glad that I just stepped back and took a break. I had to do that in a lot of areas of my life this year. I did not think I would have to take breaks from the things that I loved, but when life is hard and every day is a battle, even the things that we love and are passionate about have to take a back seat until you get your house in order.

School starts this week and so I am really looking at my routine and trying to decide what needs to change and what needs to stay the same. What things have I been doing for just ten minutes that I need to do for 3 hours a day? What things/activities do I need to cut down to 10 minutes a day or even a week?

I know that I need to paint more. Creating a painting makes me almost as happy as creating a poem. But it is a process; usually, if I paint I will be doing only that for 3 hours. So I can’t just start that at 2 pm when I have to pick up my son at 3. So I have to plan out my day. I know that I want to keeping writing poetry and painting, and I want to keep blogging. I have made up schedules for myself in the past, but this year I need to be flexible for all of my family, so I will only be posting regularly on Mondays. I will post on other days when I have time to make blog posts.

Thank you all for reading my poetry and for following me across social media. Thank you for sticking with me. I hope to always have this blog to share my poetry and other pieces of my life with you.

Haiku Attack

silhouette of an eagle,flying hawk,bird in mid-flight,

white breast of the hawk
the only thing you see
before the attack



So my mom’s cancer is back. Last week a lot of things happened to a lot of people that I know and love. The only good news is that my husband got good news and is on the mend. The other good thing about tragedy and loss is that I always churn out poems during times like these. I am also painting again. Follow me on Instagram to see them.

Moon and Sun Haiku

a woke man
the moon tries to see the sun
just catches a glimpse



Sometimes you see cool things and think that you are the first person to ever see it. You are probably not.

bright moon,full moon in tree,yellow moon,orange moon,

New Lipstick and New Haiku

me and my husband
new lipstick
anniversary bouquet
when red is fun
I have been married to my husband for 12 years. I meant to post this on our anniversary but a lot happened the week of our anny so just being in the moment that day turned out to be more important than making posts on social media.

Thistle Haiku

trying to be happy
looking at the shape of the clouds
Eeyore eating a thistle

I’m trying, and succeeding most days. But some days are mostly thistles.

Missing Muse

  Missing Muse

I should’ve picked
a bigger muse
one that couldn’t fly away
through a cracked door
I should’ve picked a muse
that could be chained down



So I wrote this back in 2017 and forgot to share it. My fingers are itching again and I am writing. I am also sharing the poems that I haven’t shared yet. I am using old pictures because my only camera since 2019 is my galaxy phone. It’s a good camera, I just haven’t taken the time to upload cool pictures to my WordPress gallery. 

on the tarmac,outside my window,waiting to fly,waiting to get to the runway,