still water

  Sleeping Prophet

Someone awaken
our sleeping prophet
we’re drowning
He arises unfazed
is he a prophet
or a mad man
the calm waves answer


I really like taking a prompt on Twitter, where people write the same boring micro poems about sex over and over, and writing one about Jesus. I hope that it stops people in their tracks. I hope people question what they have been writing about when they come across my micro poems. I mean come on guys! How many poems do you think people want about


or sliding/caressing/walking/gliding

your fingers over her/his

[insert word for skin/flesh/lips here]

and it made me feel

[insert clever word for excited here]

If you click on the hashtag and read what others have tweeted, you will find at least 4 poems in a row like the one I just described. It is not original at all, and therefore not interesting or shocking or romantic. I also consider you a one-trick-pony if that type of poem is all that is on your timeline. There are several poets that I have quit following on Twitter because that same boring poem is what they tweet all day long. I’m not saying I’m great, but at least I’m trying not to be boring.

This particular poem was written for a #ntitle prompt.

A Dragon’s Kiss

lit chandelier,mosiacs

I would rather have
A dragon’s kiss
After much wooing
Than the forceful
Kiss of a knight.
The dragon knows
He does not own you.
This was written for a #ntitle prompt. There for a while I was churning out small stones poetry. I have more to share, do you want to see more poems like this? Do you think that I can put this in my Love Poems category?

Keeper of the Flowers

keeper of the flowers

I vanquish moles and slugs

but leave the worms


I wrote this poem after seeing a #WordStew prompt on Twitter. I leave the worms because earthworms are really good for your garden and flowerbeds. I leave a couple of grub worms because they turn into beautiful moths. I love moths and butterflies. What insects do you love?

clearwing hummingbird moth,small moth,dianthus star mound flower,insect on flower


A quote about praying.

Don’t pray to escape trouble. Don’t pray to be comfortable in your emotions. Pray to do the will of God in every situation. Nothing else is worth praying for.  -Samuel M. Shoemaker


I really like this quote. Prayer is super important.

Frayed | A Poem

birds nest, swallow nest, nest made out of mud
ropes get frayed when you
don’t keep them out of the weather
dry rot makes them fray
if the sunshine is too bright
you have broken me down

Like Creamer in Coffee

mug with spoon in it,coffee cup,morning coffee,
I lie to myself
so well and so often
that even my
illusions are deceived.
My various lies
swirl together like
creamer in coffee.
I wrote this, last year, for an #orjay prompt I saw on Twitter.

Creek Tanka

shallow creek, log in water


the rope swing gone
the branch the swing hung from gone
is this the same creek
where I skinned my palm that year
I look at my reflection


Have you ever went back to a place that was a favorite of yours as a child, and found yourself sadden by its condition? I went back to a creek bank this last fall, where I had spent several days of my childhood, and I barely recognized it. There was graffiti on the bridge its self and the little dam of rocks was gone. The sand bars in the middle of the creek had moved, but that didn’t surprise me. When the water gets really high or fast in the springtime the rocks move and the shape of the bank changes. Some of the trees in that area had been cut down, that changed the feel of the place I think.

Daily Prompt – “All About Me”

Symanntha Renn:

Blogging is an amazing medium and I wish more people would try it.

Originally posted on Haiku Prayers - Poetry And Other Art:


The All About Me prompt asks us to explain why we chose our blog’s title.

This is from my About page for Haiku Prayers – Poetry And Other Art.

“Haiku Prayers – Poetry And Other Art is a place to try some new ideas and learn more about haiku.  I began Haiku Prayers in April 2012.”

My thought was that this be a more quiet place, and a low-key way to write and perhaps grow.  A prayerful place, for contemplation and a few moments of rest.

I enjoy the different qualities of my blogs, and sometimes step back and try and re-focus on my goals for each one.  My career was in special education, and I helped with my mother’s care at home and in other care settings for many years.

A more recent goal is to begin to create large print chapbooks from my blogs, and then donate them…

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3 things that grow in the summer.

rays from summer sun
hollyhocks grow long and tall
so does my son

G jumping


Thanks to @baffled on Twitter for prompting me to write this. You can find their prompts under #HaikuChallenge.


A quote from Marcus Aurelius.

Every man’s life lies within the present; for the past is spent and done with, and the future is uncertain.  -Marcus Aurelius

I really like Marcus Aurelius. He was a very smart man.

Hide and Seek Haiku

hiding amoung flowers

slugs and gnawing caterpillars

hide and seek in the spring

Hide and Seek was one of my favorite games as a kid, but playing it with slugs as an adult is not near as fun! What pests do you have in your garden or flowers?
caterpillar on Lucifer leaf, caterpillar crawling on plant,caterpillar in the morning sun,

As we top the hill.

lights shut off
as we top the hill
airport boulevard


Hello, my lovelies! I am traveling this week, but I will have another poem set to post on Wednesday and a quote set to post on Friday. Be sure to love on my blog and leave me lots of comments while I’m away. I was away last year at this time too, I am a lucky girl, and I’ll probably tell you all about it if you’re following me on Twitter.

ariplane safety,seat belt,travel,air travel,