Love is for the Brave

valentine day roses,two dozen roses,red and white roses,

They Say Love is for the Brave

I am meant to carry the weight of the world on my hips
You are meant to carry it on your chest
Remember this when you can’t breathe
That is where you’re carrying the weight
Stop and take a deep breath
Your wide shoulders can bear the burden
Just like when my feet ache
And I don’t think that
I can take another step, then I do
Because there are clothes to launder
Dishes to wash and weeds to pull
Weaving the blanket of your life
With another’s threads is always risky
What if they come unraveled
Or end up not matching your threads
What if they want to make a pattern
Of triangles when you wanted squares
The task of ripping apart seams
After years of sewing them
Is excruciating but makes for
A better blanket in the end
I am meant to carry the weight
In my guts between my hip bones
You bear it on your sternum
The pressure you feel is a sign
That you’re still alive and still breathing


I always hesitate to share my love poems. I don’t know why. This is a rambling poem on love and making a marriage work. If you understood just one line, share it.

Chipmunk Haiku

birdfeed,seeds for squirrels,wildlife food,

baking breakfast
preparing for the week
chipmunk with full cheeks




There are days I would like to write paragraphs to share with you guys. There are days that getting 3 lines posted is a challenge. So I am just going to let my posts reflect that from now on. I did meal prep my breakfasts back in October. I wish I could have kept up the habit.

Soft Haiku

birds in the clouds,buzzards in a blue sky,

soft click of machines
and hospital TV remote
soft chirp of caged bird



Here is a haiku about sitting in a chemo treatment ward. You get to watch television, but you have to stay hooked up to an I.V. It doesn’t matter if you are taking actual chemotherapy or something else, and it doesn’t matter what your dosage is, you will be there for a while. Getting up out of your chair is an event, and you only do that if you need to go to the bathroom. It is very quiet and the nurses are all really nice though.

Island Haiku

heavy summer rain
white horse on an island
I too stand alone




Much of my poetry is inspired by what I see. I spent a lot of hours on the road last year and will be in the car a lot this year as well. The good thing is that it gives me new perspectives and ideas for poems.

The bad thing is that I don’t always have photos of the things I write about. I somehow don’t have a single photo of a horse. So here’s a solitary flower instead.


Winter Fields

watching a leaf’s final descent
horses graze in winter fields



Life is weird and chaotic right now. I will share poetry as often as I am able to sit down and create posts.

seahorse at sealife

Winter Morning Tanka Tuesday

cattle by the lake,cows,midwest farm,black cows,cows by lake,

winter morning
dad has sold all of his cows
empty family farm
a new snow brings silence
peace takes an unexpected form


It is wintertime. This winter is different for some people. It will be different for my parents. For the first time since they bought their farm over 35 years ago, they will not have cattle to tend to. But it is time for their life to start calming down and be less stressful so this is a good thing.

Loose Haiku

maple tree in winter,dicidous tree,

drifting leaves
the tight fit of the I.V.
drifting loose hair



I think I am going to have to go back to just posting haiku with pictures. I just don’t have time for making big long posts in this season of my life. I barely have time for writing. I tried several times to start writing a piece of flash fiction, which was supposed to be 1,000 words long, but I never finished one. Maybe late in 2020 I can write flash fiction again. My mom is responding well to her treatments, and that is a great thing.

Revival | Tanka Tuesday

fall season,autumn,leaves changing,autumn field,

the maples turn first
the trees know when the season
to change is here
they do not rush into it
they do not lag behind


I told you in Thursday’s post that I had gone to my church’s revival and that it had refreshed me. I feel like I am changing seasons myself. Don’t forget that tanka are supposed to be autobiographical. Here is my newest tanka. On the first day of winter, I will share another five-line poem with you.

A Leaf Spins

leaf in the morning sun,leaves with frost on them,autumn leaf,

a leaf spins around
the whole world is dizzy
news headlines



It’s Monday. Let’s start over. Let’s be better this week. Let’s be kinder. Let’s talk softer. Let’s be considerate and compassionate. Everyone is fighting some type of battle. Being angry and bitter doesn’t make it better.

There is nothing new under the sun.

daffodils budding out,spring flowers,springtime,

flowers and grass
we call them new in the spring
but they’ve always been here



There is nothing new under the sun. The things you think might be new, the things you’ve never seen before- it’s happened before you just didn’t know it.

Fall Haiku

chilly fall days
looking for a dose of
Holy Ghost fire



My church had a revival the week of the 22nd and it helped me to refresh my spirit and to write some new poetry. Stay tuned for a Tanka Tuesday.

bright red flowers,5 red flowers,flowers in the spring,

Graceful Haiku

baseball,little league,playing baseball,summer ball,

watching my son
lose a game gracefully
my flowers bloom bright


I am loving sharing my new haiku with you. I will share some brand new flash fiction soon.