Tap Tapping Haiku

berries,tree branch against sky,elm trees,

Fall winds
tap tap of the tree branch
chores left undone





It is the little things, that once you get into bed, make noises and keep you awake.

Sorry I didn’t post anything on Monday. I got thrown for yet another loop at work. This is a difficult year, and I’m only halfway through it. But I know that I am growing and becoming a stronger person with more skills. What skills did you learn this week? Or did you get thrown for a loop too?

A Quote about Great Men

Skepticism has not founded empires, established principles, or changed the world’s heart.  The great doers of history have always been men of faith.

-Edward Hubbell Chapin


Have faith, and have a great weekend!

Black and White Midwest Sunset. Diamond MO. Samantha Navarro

The Quote about being Strong

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. -Unknown

This is a quote that has been copied and shared all across the internet, but I would like to know who said it. It is very true. I have found out what strength really looks like this year.



The Nuance of Flowers




one year the hollyhock
is pink the next it is white
the nuance of flowers


Do you have flowers that change color? There are some flowers that gardeners have down to a science. They know what kind of fertilizer added to the soil makes what color of blooms. I just water mine and hope they bloom a lot, I don’t even care what color. I will admit that dark red and white are my favorite flower colors. However, I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of my hollyhocks when they were white. Last year when they were white, it was a bad year for hollyhocks. The blooms weren’t pretty because the ground stayed too wet. That is probably why I didn’t take a picture. They went quick this year too. Only half the stalk bloomed, then the whole plant began to die.

Neon Pink Haiku

hot pink clouds,purple cloud,sunset,

summer night outside
neon pink sky in the west
I wonder where my brush is


Sometimes nature inspires me and I want to imitate it. Sometimes I just sit back and enjoy it. Does nature inspire you? How?

Crepe Myrtle Haiku

crepe myrtles,crepe myrtle seed pods, bloom, blossom,

matching crepe myrtles
one grows taller than the other
the moon goes down

February 2015


These poems I have been sharing, I wrote during National Haiku Writing Month last year in 2015.

Directional Haiku

crepe myrtles,bush,shrub,

wind from the northwest
bushes from the South
yard in the Midwest


Crepe myrtle bushes are originally from the Southern US. But if you are careful about how you place them in your yard, they can grow really big in the Midwest.

Haiku in Fives

johnny jump up flowers

five purple petals
on every little flower
OCD in nature

People often think of nature as this wild thing that just sprawls with no direction or planning. I disagree.

Red, White, and Blue Haiku

4th of july fireworks

snaps, screams, and shivers
whistles from across town
Independence Day


I hope you all have a great 4th of July ~ Happy Independence Day my fellow Americans!

Dust Haiku

changing leaves,trees changing color,country fall,autumn in the country

dust on the cabinet
dust on the car’s dashboard
life on a dirt road

I’m shaking the dust off of my blog this week. I will try to post a poem every day. Give me some likes and comments so I know that I still have active followers! Share some posts so that others know I’m back!

Half Way Through 2016 and I’m Back


Hey guys, I’m back. I am really glad that I allowed myself to take this month-long break. It allowed me to take a much-needed breath. I hope you didn’t forget about me and I hope you have subscribed to me so that you don’t miss any of my new blog posts. Look on the left-hand side of the screen to find ways to stay connected to me, and learn more about me.

We are halfway through the year of 2016.

So how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Comment below and tell me if you are accomplishing them. Feel free to leave a link to a blog post of yours if you have been blogging about your resolutions or goals for 2016.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better. -Georg C. Lichtenberg

You can find my post with my explanation of how I start my year here.

My word for 2016 is steadfast; which is interesting because it has been a year of changes so far. Most people I know would say this has been a year of transitions. It definitely has been for me. Which means that God knew I was going to be sent big challenges when he gave me Psalms‬ ‭112‬:‭7 He will not fear bad news; his heart is confident, trusting in the Lord. (‭HCSB) to lean on.

I have gotten good news and had some really good things happen to me this year, it hasn’t all been bad. (click the bold words to get the back story) My part-time job (that I applied for on a whim last year) that helped us pay the bills turned into a full-time job with benefits. It is something that I could make a career out of, and I have extra money to buy more books. I have joined 3 professional organizations, became a Notary Public and hold 2 official titles. I am not going to say what they are because my blog is my safe place, and my artistic place. Work is where I have to professional and mindful of the image I project. These two places need to stay separate. 

Working a full-time job after 6 years of being a stay at  home mom, pretty much setting my own schedule and hours, was an adjustment. But I am glad to be a full-time working mom. I have to work a minimum of two nights a month, but I get all major holidays off with pay. It’s a good trade-off.

I am also glad I put my son in Pee Wee baseball. He has really enjoyed it this year. My husband was able to basically sit back and watch him play this season, instead of being a  coach. He has enjoyed that and so have I. But it had us on the run for about 5 days of every week from May to last week. The days we didn’t have a game or practice were the days we had to shop for our groceries or support other family members during their activities. 

I am glad that we got my son’s health issues straightened out. I think that had something to do with him enjoying ball so much this year. He is allergic to at least 6 different things, mostly trees, and the over-the-counter meds just couldn’t keep up. We got the test results in late April. We put him on new meds the night after his appointment with a Pediatric Allergist and after 3 weeks G was so much better. He didn’t have any colds or fevers after that.

I will admit that my writing has suffered amidst all of these changes and challenges. After National Haiku Writing Month was over, I didn’t write much. However, my relationship with God has grown. My prayer time was slacking for a little while but I am back at it. I did manage to read 7 books last year and I have already read 4 books this year. They have all been “Christian Living” or “Self-Help” but they have been amazing and have inspired me to push through all of my challenges these past 8 months. I tweet quotes from my favorites, so follow me on Twitter.

2016 has been a super hard year, I have even missed church services. But things feel more normal now, and I feel so strong and deep in my faith. I want to be inspiring others to be at church and to follow Jesus so I will be praying daily and going to church every week. I have been reading the Bible daily for over a year and that helps me so much. If there is one thing that I think every person on the face of the planet should do, it’s read the Holy Bible. I believe in that so strongly that I agreed to be Director of my Women On Mission group at church a year ago. Being the leader was different and more challenging than I thought it would be, but I do enjoy it. I refer to it as my other job, and I put a lot of effort and thought into our activities. 

Well, my posts usually aren’t this long. Rest assured that I am back to blogging and I will be sharing short poetry with you next week, and the posts will be much shorter!! I will also be sharing quotes on Fridays. I don’t know if I will be writing for Friday Fictioneers this month, as that group is kind of taking a break right now. But I will eventually write short stories again as well.

I hope your year is going well, leave me a comment below and tell me about it!




I am ripped open
But it’s weeks
Before I realize
My mind has been
Ripped open too.
Diapers and bottles
Keep me rushing about
But after I have
Some time to reflect
I realize how different
I am
Not just the house
Not just my routines
But me
My reaction to movies
I’ve seen a dozen times
To crying children
To grown men
Going to jail for life
Nothing is simple anymore
And I can see
The child in every person
I can see mistakes
It’s as if the scales
Have fallen from
My eyes

4th of july with children