Thistle Haiku

trying to be happy
looking at the shape of the clouds
Eeyore eating a thistle

I’m trying, and succeeding most days. But some days are mostly thistles.


Missing Muse

  Missing Muse

I should’ve picked
a bigger muse
one that couldn’t fly away
through a cracked door
I should’ve picked a muse
that could be chained down



So I wrote this back in 2017 and forgot to share it. My fingers are itching again and I am writing. I am also sharing the poems that I haven’t shared yet. I am using old pictures because my only camera since 2019 is my galaxy phone. It’s a good camera, I just haven’t taken the time to upload cool pictures to my WordPress gallery. 

on the tarmac,outside my window,waiting to fly,waiting to get to the runway,

Berry Haiku

bright berries
are they poisonous or not
meeting new people


Take a guess, but guess well. Are they poisonous or not?

light colored deer,deer at the zoo,ostrich with deer,drive through zoo,


Internal Rhymes

sun lit morning,sunrise,spiderwebs with dew,spiderweb in the morning light,

I am tested, tempered, but not tamed
I am solemn, shook, but not silenced
I was hit, harmed, but not harnessed
I am cut, in crisis, and without counsel
I was bent, boxed in, and without backup
But I made it out
I made it back
I will make it through



I have been writing more lately. Here is a short poem that focuses more on rhyming than on meter. I like how poems with internal rhymes sound. I haven’t written many, I may try to write more soon.

Cinquain at the front gate.

Front Gate
There are
often warning
signs hanging on fences
but outside the fence is where the
ghouls roam.

May 6, 2015


Here is a cinquain for you to ponder.

wooden fence with sun rot,missing plank,old farm fence,

Riverbed Stones

problem child
searches for the roughest seat
riverbed stones


This was truly a haiku moment. Some people are just rough. Some people always choose the difficult path, even as children, even after the teacher has tried so many times to show them a better way. Personality is set at an early age.

riverbed,creek bed,river rocks,bottom of the creek,

Intimacy in Society, a poem.


  Intimacy in Society
I think I know why we shy away from
people with their insides hanging out
On this battlefield we are supposed to
Be ready for guts and gore before glory
But to see a person’s insides is intensely intimate
intimate to the point of making you cringe
most of us can’t handle that
can’t handle knowing someone’s
deepest desires and wishes and fears
to walk on when you have seen the power
of the human mind is almost too much
to go about your day as if you
haven’t seen the depth of someone’s
depression or meanness or madness
is to go about your day as if you
are ignorant of the human condition
if you see something say something is the slogan
not if you see something slink away
and yet we do



I took a long time to finish this poem. I have probably been writing it for two years. I knew the feeling and message that I wanted to convey, but I wanted it fully said. I hope that this does not sound like rambling, but that you understand what I was trying to express. I was trying to write about the human condition and being a human you think that would be easy. It is not.

Lizard Haiku

flower bed,garden spot,fisheye lens,spring flowers,

Lizard’s Eye View

surprise visit
lizard on the front porch
old friend



Have you had any fun visitors this year?

Futuristic Thoughts

The human race has a confidence problem. All of the movies when I was a kid showed us video chatting in the future. And it dawned on me several years ago that we have had the ability the video chat but almost no one does. Why don’t we want the ease of video chat, we do the old thing of voice chat only. Why?

I think we lack the confidence to speak face to face.

I think it’s easier to lie when you can’t see someone’s eyes.

I think we are all way too introverted. We want to hide in our houses instead of connecting. Connecting requires genuineness and it requires us to comb our hair. When did combing our hair become such a hard task?

Back Road Haiku

back roads
getting good at avoidance
red fox sighting


I hope you are enjoying my poetry. Thank you for following me. If you enjoy what I write please share me on your favorite sites or recommend my blog to a friend.

dirt driveway,tire tracks in the driveway,


trying to find the passage back
wondering how we got off track
leaving things behind
new tools we must find
how to be kind
empty pack


This poem is a certain form, I just forget which one. Leave me a comment if you like it even without the background information.

roses in black and white filter

Watering Haiku

watering myself
and my surprise potatoes
end of spring ball

June 16, 2018


What have you been watering this spring?

water spout