Swallowing Shadows


Swallowing Shadows

my light comes
from inside of me
so I can swallow shadows
that threaten to take
the day away
I fear no darkness
when the keeper
of light is a spirit
who burns within me


This short poem was inspired by #orjay number 923.

I am getting near the end of my micro/small stones poetry for this year. I thought about sharing my tanka with you. I have written a lot of it that I haven’t shared. Since I posted all of my recent poetry, I thought it might be fun to go back and show you the poems I wrote as a teenager. Leave me a comment and tell me which one you want me to do!

Strong Winter Tea

winter is here,snow on the deck,snowfall,
brewed with lemons
no sugar nor milk
strong winter tea

To see how winter factors into my haiku as a kigo go here. Kigo means a body of recognized season words developed in Japan that became a standard part of the haiku form. Although the term “kigo” was coined as late as 1908, representation of and reference to the seasons has long been important in Japanese culture and poetry. To see what other haiku words mean go to my What is Haiku? page and scroll to the bottom.


What will you do on Sunday?

fully bloomed daffodil,yellow flowers,flower in sunlight,morning daffodil,

Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
-Susan Ertz

What did you do last Sunday? What did you do this week when it rained? What will you do this Sunday. What will you accomplish next week? Why should God give you more time?

Sleeping Wrong

sprouting iris,twisting leaves,shoots,

Sleeping Wrong

crick in my neck

from trying to find

solace in my pillow

uneasy dreams made

me toss and turn

the burn in my neck

throughout the day

brings them back to me

when they should be vapor


This poem was inspired by a bad mattress and the micropoetry prompt #fieryverse.
I hope you are full of turkey and sleep well tonight! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Midsummer Tears


Midsummer Tears

Don’t tell me
When I can have
My mid life crisis

I’ll have a break down
Mid summer
In my mid twenties

I’ll buy red lip stick
Cry until my eye shadow
Runs down my cheek

June 22, 2015

Did you know that a quarterlife crisis is a thing? It happens to people.
This lovely little poem was inspired by a #ShapePoetry prompt on Twitter. I wish I could write for more of their prompts. I love concrete poetry! I just feel so rushed and so drained that I haven’t produced much for a while. NaHaiWriMo in February always refreshes me, maybe Christmas will inspire me when we get closer to it.

Time Rectifies

large bell,old fashion bell,

Time Rectifies

Time rectifies
He is my friend
His brother Death
Is a cruel soldier
But Time came through
And made me Victor

This micro poem was written on 6-22-2015 and inspired by #Ntitle 475.
It took a full 7 days, but my jaw finally felt better yesterday. I feel like I can eat normally, but I know I have to stay away from sticky foods until I get my permanent teeth put in.

Cannot Be Tamed

cat at the drive-through zoo,big cat at the safari,

cheetah spotted bra
under black business suit
a piece of her cannot be tamed

I think we all like to think that there is a piece of us that no one can tame, and maybe there is. I think everyone likes to believe they have a wild side. Want to show your spots in the comments below?


The Only Time You Have Too Much Fuel

The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire. -Unknown Author

I don’t know where this came from, but I really like it. It may be a military quote. Have you ever heard it before?


fountain,firework at night,

Like Marbles Rattling


Like Marbles Rattling

It is a burden
to carry around
like marbles rattling
in a mason jar
like a splinter
you can’t pull out
chronic regret
plaguing my mind


This poem was inspired by #orjay no. 506.

Monday did not go well. The Orthodontist that was working on me was in a hurry (she started on me an hour late) and didn’t stop to give me a break when I asked her to. She opened my mouth as far as it would open, then put clamps on my jaw so that it would stay open, and she left me like that for 2 hours. She was only done with 1 tooth when I started motioning for her to stop. She told me to wait, my tooth wasn’t set. I started crying and she said 10 more minutes. When she finally took the clamps out, the nurse got upset.

My jaw was locked open. I couldn’t shut my mouth I could only cry. The dentist looked in my face and told me, “You have to relax.” and started massaging my jaw. After about a minute, she forced my jaw to close. I think she actually dislocated my jaw. She said she wished she had known my jaw was going to lock up because then she would have done sedation dentistry; like it was my fault for not telling her. She said, “that scares my nurses when that happens. It scares me too.”
This has never happened to me before and I have had a lot of dental work done. So when I got home, I called my dentist and told them what had happened. The receptionist at my Dentist told me she was sorry, I’m not sure that the others did. It is hard to remember because I was in so much pain and so upset. I will have to go to another Orthodontist in December to finish the root canal on the 2nd tooth, then I will have to go back to my dentist for 2 permanent teeth.
It is Thursday and I am still sore on the right side of my face. The Orthodontist gave me muscle relaxers, but there were storms in our area that night so our weather radio kept waking me up. I did not get much sleep. I was so tense that I could barely tell I had taken any medicine.

All of the things dragging me to the floor.

snow,snowfall,mouse statue,hidden in the snow,

The One Thing I Said
everything I didn’t say
began to choke me
I know that I yelled
I know it was uncalled for
and it confused you
just be thankful
I only yelled about one thing
and not all of the things
dragging me to the floor
so many things are trying to
silence me forever
I had to let them know
I still have a voice

My long time readers probably noticed that I didn’t post a quote on Friday like I usually do. Well, Friday was a really bad day on all fronts. I am not superstitious, but that was the worst Friday the 13th I have ever had and the worst day I have had in a LONG time. Yesterday probably was probably bad too. Luckily I have about 6 weeks of Haiku set to post on Mondays. I will try to get some of my micropoetry scheduled to post as well. Sickness still has a hold on my son and he had a fever all weekend. He has a virus so all I can do is fight the fever and play with him. I almost had a panic attack in Walmart on Friday night when I went to pick up his meds. My physical health is not 100% and work is getting really stressful.
If things were going smoother on Monday, and going as planned, I had a double root canal followed by getting double crowns that afternoon. Check my Twitter, I will try to post updates to it this week.

Driving with Haiku

sparkling snow,winter,snowy road,snowfall,snow,
black tracks in
the virgin snow
driving where I shouldn’t

This haiku was written two years ago for a NaHaiWriMo prompt. I wrote a lot of winter haiku that February and have not shared it yet, so even though it is still autumn I am going to start sharing my winter haiku. This coming February I will post my haiku to the blog every day during NaHaiWriMo. I just hope I can write one every day!!

White Cloud Haiku

moon during the day,full moon in daytime,
in the side yard
a very round white cloud
that was just the moon
Have you had a moment lately where you had to look twice?