Normal Will Not Come Again

    Day Zero
It feels like every day is Day Zero
New research claims there are more symptoms
Pundits swear everything we were told in all of the yesterdays
Was a lie but we should definitely listen to them today
Has the virus passed through our county
Or is the peak just now here
Do we panic today or should we have panicked yesterday
Close, open, go back to work, shut everything down,
The only thing anyone will admit is certain is
We all want normal to return, and we're working toward it
But Normal will not come again, this has changed everything.
    May 18, 2020

And I was correct. People have now admitted that we will never see normal again. I am not upset that people are more aware of other’s physical space and are staying out of it. I am not upset that more restaurants are taking steps to not get germs all over your food. I am not upset at the masks – pollution is so bad in America that I don’t think it hurts anyone to wear a mask while out in public. The Chinese have been doing it for years. But I am ready for parties to return. I am ready for holidays and school parties. I am even ready for sports games and banquet dinners! Church dinners used to be a big part of my life, and while they were sometimes stressful as I am an introvert, I truly miss them.

4 thoughts on “Normal Will Not Come Again

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  2. When people ask me “when will things go back to normal” I simply state, “this is the new normal”. I mean even if the virus disappeared instantly, who could go back to what they were doing all those months ago? Who would remember what their normal really is?


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