Wandering through the fire.

candle flame


Making You Shine


Dull and lifeless, with no form

We put silver in the fire

Burning out the impurities

We bend and mold the silver

Then we fire it again

Working and testing, until it shines

Then we mold into a shape, beautiful

Knowing this process is long

Why are we then surprised

At our own process, long

Time, it takes to beautify

To make a vessel rare

The heat you feel today

Tomorrow beautifies



Our time in the fire is what makes us strong and beautiful.

How’s your process going?


12 thoughts on “Wandering through the fire.

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  2. I love this!! thank you for sharing! it amazes me that even though every time we go through the fire we come out stronger – the pain can be so overwhelming we forget ….we simply forget. coming/going through a fire right now myself! thank you for sharing this with us on my #others day – i do this every wednesday (well most every one) please, feel free to share anytime as with so many followers, i sometimes miss the great stuff!

    {{HUGS}} @spreadingJOY


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