Forgotten Tanka on Tanka Tuesday

field,farmland,farm,midwest america,autumn,fall,autumn colors, 


   Autumn Colors
the season of dying
everyone’s favorite time
they like the colors
but forget the lesson
die to be born again
  September 6, 2017


So I had saved this little poem about me wondering why people think the way that they do, and I forgot to save it to my master file of tanka and haiku. But I found it!
What do you think?



Tanka Tuesday Domesticated

rose's thorn, rose thorn 
raspberry bush
along with the red red rose
the only plants
that while domesticated
still feel the need for thorns
Have you ever realized that roses are the only “flower” that have thorns? They are probably the most popular flower in the world and they naturally have thorns. Why do we love what hurts us?

Tanka Tuesday – Social Work

  Social Work

if I am killed by

an addict or someone

unstable at least

I died while helping others

you can say “at least she tried”


What will be, will be. In case I have a hard time getting my poem for today posted, I wanted to continue with Tanka Tuesday. I did something unusual with this poem, I usually like my line breaks to be clean, but these lines wrap around to the next line. Leave me some comments, I love getting feedback and knowing how my poem affected you.


PAD Challenge Day 2

I am doing the Poem A Day Challenge and sharing it with you this year. I did it for 4 years, with the last year being 2015. I will make several posts today, as I need to catch up on the first 4 days. Look at the announcements to see what the PAD Challenge is and where I am getting my pictures and prompts.

I was looking through the forms that Robert Lee Brewer has listed on his blog and I found a form for the Fibonacci sequence. I think that is awesome so I may try to write most of my poetry in this form. We will see!

poetry month photo for public use

photo curtesy of

  Portrait of a Woman
fast mouth
short legged 
fighter to the end
but also a seeker of peace

Beauty Tanka

craters on the moon,full moon,super moon,

her beautiful face
transfixed by the white glow
as if she’s perfect
but the moon has pot marks too
no woman is perfect
  February 17, 2017


I wrote this during National Haiku Writing Month this year.


Fat Tanka

honey bee,bees,purple sage flowers,missouri flowers,

Spirit Animal

symbols of change
butterfly and dragonfly
are popular ones
I defied the odds like the
fat little bumblebee

June 30, 2016


Did you know that the bumblebee should be incapable of flying? Scientists don’t know how they do it.

I have gained weight in the last two years, and I have not lost it. But I have had good changes in my life too. I am surviving. It may not be pretty, but I am surviving in this world. 

I don’t do anything halfway.

cacti,succulent,flower,green plant,


watering cacti
even though it’s not dry
wanting to do more
over doing it because
I don’t do anything halfway


Tanka are supposed to be autobiographical. So I am just gonna post this and say that sometimes the poems I post are deeply personal.

Work Tanka

bug on leaf,grey bug, gray instect,flying bug,


looking through files
handwriting of those now gone
my name on the cards
summer bugs start to sing
the seasons have changed



Now that Christmas is past and things are calming down at work, I should have more time and be able to write and post more poetry. What kinds of poetry do you like?

Also, don’t forget it’s International Blog Delurking Week! Comments are a must!

Wednesday Bible Study

crepe myrtle in winter,crepe myrtle in the snow,covered in snow,weighed down by snow,


She talks
while we listen,
but she isn’t saying
what is really bothering her

I am pretty sure I wrote this for a prompt. I know I wrote it on a Thursday after I had gone to a Woman’s Bible Study on a Wednesday night. It’s been a while since I wrote it so I can’t remember all of the details. I am thinking about sharing my cinquain with you on Wednesdays. Hit “Like” below if you want to see cinquains. Go to the “Poetry Definitions” Page at the top if you don’t know what a cinquain is.

Tanka Tuesday | Undertow

peppermint hollyhock

he smiles and says
we’ll make it work, don’t worry
but I feel the current
the hidden one underneath
he swims in the undertow


Here is your poem for Tanka Tuesday. I wrote this a long time ago. I wrote a lot of tanka last year and I’m excited to be sharing it with you.

Tanka Tuesday

peppermint hollyhock

I have decided that since I have written so many tanka, it might be fun to do Tanka Tuesday for a while. I will post them in chronological order, skipping the tanka that I have already posted. Leave me some Likes and comments if you like this kind of poetry.


Unexpected Death

Have a good day says
the lady at the drive through.
I do not have time
to explain that I cannot.
Unexpected death.

(RIP Alice Mullin)

Bloody Poetry Day 23 of #NaPoWriMo

vietnam war memorial statue

  War Story


broken men crawl

back from what we say was

an honorable and great thing,

war zone.

So today’s prompt for the PAD Challenge was to write a historic poem. It could be a poem about a landmark event, specific battle, an era in time, or whatever you consider a historic happening. I decided to write about something that people don’t seem to talk about. Our country was at war for 13 years and people didn’t seem to notice. Our service men and women were committing suicide at an alarming rate and no one seemed to notice or talk about it. I always thought that most service men and women knew that fighting for our country was a great thing and they didn’t need to feel bad about anything that happened over there. But just telling someone that they are a good person and to forget about the bad things that they saw isn’t enough. They have made a Veterans Crisis Line and began reaching out to vets. I had decided at the first of this year that I wanted to write more poetry that meant something, poetry that was about more than a fleeting moment. So I wrote this cinquain today, for every vet that came back with PTSD or any guilt.