The fox walked in his white coat.

powdery snow,flowers in the winter,
Even though it is still technically fall, it feels like winter. We had an early snow this year. I wrote this when it was still summer. It is a triolet, you are supposed to repeat lines. What do you think of poems that use the same line over and over?


  Winter Came Quickly
The fox walked in his white coat
We didn’t notice summer was gone
I switched to my fall tote
The fox walked in his white coat
With a scarf around his throat
I wasted the night and then it was dawn
The fox walked in his white coat
We didn’t notice summer was gone

  May 20, 2018


Mum Haiku by Basho

drinking morning tea
the monk is quiet
as is the mum flower


Sometimes simple haiku is nice.

yellow mum,red mum,over-sized mums,fall flowers,flowers in a barrel,

Then You will Understand


sleep on a journey
then you will understand my poem
Autumn winds


Yes. Travel, even local travel will reveal so much to you. PS this is a cellphone picture. The app has gotten better about letting me use pictures from my cell and then editing from the desktop.

With Nothing To Cling To


in the middle of a field
with nothing to cling to
a skylark sings

What a neat visual. The birds have to trust their wings. 

black birds,birds against morning sky,flock of birds,

Haiku in the Pond

does the turtle
appreciate his view
art museum pond


The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art has a pond that surrounds most of the building, and when you look out of the glass, you can see turtles in the pond. During my recent visit, I wondered if the turtles ever spent any time looking in. They would get to look at some of the best art in America if they did. By the way, entry is free at this museum, and it is well worth the drive if you live anywhere close. (This is not a picture of that pond, but a picture that I had.)

green pond

Where Basho got his ideas.

short iris,new iris,iris leaves,iris' leaf,


rabbit-ear iris
it gives me an idea
for a poem


Basho took most of his inspiration from nature. I try to always use nature when writing a haiku, but I use nature in many of my poems, no matter what form they are. How often does nature show up in your poems?

Drought Haiku

dead grass,dried up yard,bad drought,drought of 2012,

wishing on clouds

in the shadow of a drought

deep summer

After going through a drought of barely writing I am now pouring out poetry. I will try to schedule some to post throughout this month. Stay tuned! Follow me, there are multiple ways on multiple sites to keep up with me, just check my About Me page to find all of the links.

Dead Flower Haiku

excuse number five
because I never stop hoping
watering dead flowers


I hope you are enjoying this week of haiku. Leave me a comment if you are!

dead moss in planter,dead flower in pot,

Infected with Haiku

plants man animals
united in death


Here is a poem I wrote a long time ago, back before I had learned the rules of haiku. I could never decide if this was a good haiku or even a good poem. If you were to look at the top of some of my posts, you will see that some poems are in both categories, haiku and senryu. This is another poem that I will post to both.

It’s not funny and senryu are supposed to be a bit humorous or at least poke fun at something. What do you think?

two dozen roses,flowers in black and white,budding roses,

Haiku up the Mountain

the mountain I thought
I could never climb up
my old pair of jeans fit


I wrote this poem at the beginning of the year for an #inkMine prompt. I have lost 22 pounds on the Ketogenic Diet. I am going off of it for the summer. I will go back on it when I send the boys off to school in August because I am not down to the weight where I want to be, but I am in shape and healthier than I have been in 3+ years.

dusk,sun setting,pink sky,orange sky, cloudy sunset,

Day 27 NaHaiWriMo 2018

power outage
eating ice cream outside
after the storm


Today’s prompt was “rainbow jello” so another food prompt. Storms are hard, but when the rain stops and the sun finally breaks through, you get to see the beauty of things again.

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Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

Day 24 NaHaiWriMo 2018

aches and pains
asking about grandma’s remedy
herb garden


Today’s prompt was “hot-water bottle” and I didn’t know how many people would know that Tylenol comes from Willow bark so I wrote about herbs instead. I do not try to write in 5/7/5 some of my poems just come out at that number. I do try to always write short, long, short but the words come the way they come.

Failing at Haiku site photo,fah pic,haiku photography,symanntha renn's photo,photography by symanntha renn,new butterfly,butterfly and cocoon,wet butterfly,

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