Day 25 NaHaiWriMO 2017

bird flies to and fro

taking care of her nest

I walk in circles


Today’s prompt was to use the word “to” in our poem. What do you think about my haiku? Don’t forget to go check out others by following the nahaiwrimo hashtag.

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Symanntha Renn

Hug Them Tight


fractured candy cane
hearing of broken families
tight Christmas hug


I wrote this for a #MSpoetry prompt on Twitter last year. I knew of families who had lost children, and families going through divorces last winter. I made Christmas and traditions a priority last year, and I will this year as well. They are only little for so long.

Haiku with Bling

CPAP mask on pillow

bling for his
birthday present
alert bracelet

I have bought three alert bracelets so far in my life. They were for other people. What kind of gifts do you give? I often give people books.

Tanka Tuesday | Summer Tanka



walking the block to
see which bike fits the boy best
Guided home by the
lightning bugs, North Star follows
the moon, husband follows son


Well, dear readers, this is the last Tanka Tuesday that I will do for a while. I have run out of Tanka. Sorry that I skipped last Tuesday. That was a hard day at work and I just completely forgot to post anything. I will share new Tanka as I write it, I might entitle the post “Tanka Tuesday” or I might not.

Would you like me to label it Tanka Tuesday so that you will know when I post my next one?

Day 27

crackers with soup
warmth on a cold winter’s night
family dinner

Be sure to stop by the Facebook page where most of us haiku poets meet to get a prompt and share our work. There are a lot of really good and unique poems on that page. Today’s prompt was “zwieback” which is a type of hard cracker or bread. I will eat soup year ’round but some people only like soup when it’s cold. How about you?

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Flowers On The Sill Fade

how marigolds look when they go to seed,marigold seed pods,

blind fingers grope
flowers on the sill fade
they could not find the sun


I have a group of haiku that was written about sick family members, or friends that had passed away. They are the most special to me, but I have trouble sharing them. I decided to share this one with you, but I am keeping the others to myself for a while.

Dented Haiku

flour,mess in the kitchen,cooking with flour,
dented rim of pot
my aunts voice telling me
about learning to cook
Using certain pots reminds me of certain people. I am a visual person so the things in my cabinets bring back memories when I get them out.
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I Doodle, You ‘Ku 2014 – 30

seeing a deer I think
of my father

Yay Words!


The concept is simple: Here’s a doodle. Now write a poem to accompany it!

New to doodleku? See the original post; you can also click here to keep track of each day.

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Baking Senryu

great grandma's ring








flour on the cabinet
baking in the kitchen
reclaiming Grandma’s ring


The copper ring was my Great Grandma’s ring (my mom’s grandma). The other is my Grandma’s wedding band (my mother’s mother).
What activities do you do, that make you think of your grandma?