How soft a caterpillar steps


How soft a Caterpillar steps -

I find one on my Hand

From such a velvet world it comes

Such plushes at command

Its soundless travels just arrest

My slow- terrestrial eye

Intent upon its own career

What use hs it for me -



The smallest creatures are the most marvelous, aren’t they?

To take Them to the Forest.


These Fevered Days – to take them to the Forest

Where Waters cool around the mosses crawl -

And shade is all that devastates the stillness

Seems it sometimes this would be all -



 Doesn’t being in the shade of a cool forest sound nice this time of year?

Seeds of Freedom

seed pod, flower seeds, plant seed

she was handed a book

she read the book and that

is when the seeds of freedom were planted


Watching someone learn and grow while reading a book is a cool thing. Watching someone change their behaviour because of a book is cool too. Today is International Literacy Day; consider giving someone a book as a gift. If they can’t read, offer to help them find a class in their area that will teach them.

How lonesome the Wind must feel.


How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights -
When people have put out the Lights
And everything that has an Inn
Closes the shutter and goes in -


How pompous the Wind must feel Noons
Stepping to incorporeal Tunes
Correcting errors of the sky
And clarifying scenery


How mighty the Wind must feel Morns
Encamping on a thousand dawns
Espousing each and spurning all
Then soaring to his Temple Tall -

Once again Emily gives personality to something you never realized could have a personality.
I hope you all are having a lovely week!


A quote about Faith.

The faith that will shut the mouths of lions must be more than a pious hope that they will not bite.

From Missionary Tidings


I found this quote in an old book. It came from a magazine originally, I think. It is a pretty powerful quote so I wanted to share it with you.